Monday, March 23, 2009

I have not written here in a while, but oh jeez have I been writing

Right now I'm working on a couple projects, one that's half for school half to further my career as an awesome person which you can see here if you are so interested:

The other is all for school, but very interesting and will be posted here over my break. It's the history of different Internet phenomenon, like the blog, the vlog, and such. It's sort of a research paper, but its a fun research paper, the kind of research you've kind of always wanted to do, but never really had a reason to.

Anyways, I've been writing and editing several things at a time, so lack of posting in the bloggal areas. I'm working on it though, expect awesome next week when I'm at home. :)


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

complaining, cuz that's what I do best.

I am writing a novel, link here:

I'm partly doing it for a class I'm taking, but I also really love this story idea so I've been building on it. I think it's working out nicely. I have 14 posted chapters and a prologue on webook. I suggest you check it out and leave comments. I enjoy criticism.

However, I do not enjoy this kind of criticism: one that tells me that the entire point of my novel (What you miss in a person's eyes if you only look at how pretty they are and not what they are trying to say) is over stated because I talk about eyes too much. THIS IS THE EFFIN' POINT OF THE WHOLE EFFIN' NOVEL. But apparently symbols and motifs aren't good literature now-a-days.

ALSO on my edited draft the teacher circled the words "dirty blond" and wrote cliche. WTF is cliche about a hair color? I'll tell you: nothing, because its a hair color, not a cliche. hqityietyurweit <- that is anger.

I can understand saying "He appeared to weigh 98 pounds soaking wet," is cliche, because it is, but what he doesn't see, is that the story is being told through the eyes of a, yes fairly bright, but still, 17 year old girl. I have to be in her world and speak like she speaks to make the story work, I can't say ridiculously profound things every other sentence because people don't speak that way, especially 17 year old girls.

I'll have more to complain about on Thursday after class when I read more. Because he's going to be annoyed with the symbolism of the whole seen and how I only have a name for one chapter and feel the need to keep it that way.