Thursday, February 11, 2010

sad face

So, I've been really looking forward to Video Game Boy staying with us next week, but it turns out that he can actually stay at the school for free and doesn't have to stay with us. I am not happy about this. I was really looking forward to some serious Deanna/Video Game Boy time.
I mean, he's my best friend, and I rarely get to hang out with him now that I don't go to school and he does and has a weird schedule, and isn't at the school when I go to visit. I miss having ridiculous conversations and just laughing at his weirdness.

I'm kind of afraid I'll end up losing him in a way. I mean, not to sound like I hate all my friends, but I tend to end up being friends with people I don't really like, and VGB is one of the friends that I don't want to just ditch and run away screaming.
Last time I saw him, he said that he hopes we can be "adult friends" and I'm kind of scared that I'm losing it already. I don't know. It's weird I guess. I'm always afraid that I push people away, and I don't want to live a life that doesn't have hour and a half long discussions about whether or not Puritans invented SCUBA gear, or who that actual parents of Ariel's (the Little Mermaid) sisters are because it's genially impossible to have children with blonde, brown, black, and red hair.
There is a chance that I'm freaking out about nothing and that, if I wish hard enough, he'll still come over this next week when there is no one at the school and chill at the apartment for some Deanna/VGB time. If he had a cell phone, like a regular person, this would be far less weird. I feel strange calling him room because it's the girlfriend phone.
This post makes it sound like I LOVE Video Game Boy so I'm going to stop now. (I just miss him.)

Today is awesome because I got caught up on all my TV shows whilst my roommate was in class :)

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When AWESOME isn't a strong enough word.

It is no secret to the reader(s) of this blog that I LOVE improv comedy, specifically the improv comedy of the troupe Stranger than Fiction which includes my High School English Teacher. Tonight, I, along with My Former Boss (MFB) from my summer internship, went and saw a completely new and never before seen improv show directed by my High School English Teacher.

It was based in the era of Jane Austen novels, and is called "The Wheel of Austen." The actors are in period customes and talked in silly voices and it was just amazing. I have tried on several occasions to put Stranger than Fiction and improv comedy into words, but its impossible. If you've ever seen an improv show, you know that it is impossible.

My favorite part of the show, honestly, didn't happen on the stage, but in the seat next to me. Hearing and seeing MFB reactions to what was happening. I feel like a cool person for knowing about cool thinks like Wheel of Austen and STF. I rarely get to feel cool. It's also like I'm giving the gift of laughter to new people, even though I'm not actually invovled. The gift of laughter is the best gift to see recieved. :)

I can only suggest that you go see it, which may be impossible. HOWEVER, they are going to try to record and post a show that they do to the internets. Hopefully, the get to, so that anyone can see this show. It was just so awesome, so amazing that I can't put words to what it is.

I know that when I blog, it tends to randomly be about how amazing STF is, or because I want to link something else, but to be honest, that's the only time anything intersting happens. I'm going to start trying to make something happen, to do my part to change the world around me and write about it. But there is only so much I can do.

I do however promise a daily blog update the week that Video Game Boy stays at the apartment. I'm sure that this week will have blog-able events happening every hour if not every day. This week is fast approaching, and I'm very excited about it.


today is awesome because I love my STF and former boss :)

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(I'm going to re-post the "cast" list of the code names for people in my blog, mostly so that I remember who everyone is, but also because I have new codenames and new friends)

Monday, February 1, 2010


This week I'm staying at my parents house, which I've finally decided is no longer "home." The apartment is home. I'm here because my mom is having sugery on her thumb and someone has to be around to make sure she doesn't run into things and stuff. I wouldn't have said "yea, sure, fine, whatever" to this task if there wasn't an improv show direced by my High School English Teacher on Wednesday. I'll be going with my old boss from over the summer. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to go to the show, but since this came up, I'm all over it.

Orginally, I was only going to be here for my Dad's birthday, which was Friday, and we were all going to go out to breakfast, which BTW we never did.

I really hate being here, like hard core. It's cold at my parents house, like its February in New England, and it's warmer outside than it is in here. And, although he's kind of cute, my brother's dog is annoying.

I got to spend way too much of my afternoon at the MB, the dreaded horrible piece of a store that I spent 6 years of my life. I have come to loathe that place.

In less "I hate my life" news I have become a Monday in a collab channel. This is the link to it My first video is up now. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the cast this week (expect Wednesday for I know her). At least there is a little bit of a bright spot in my week, even if its just four minutes a day.


Today is awesome because my cat (Neville) likes attacking my bookmark, which is a picture of Voldemort.

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