Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Everyone is someone's biggest fan, I just happen to be yours

Tonight was the third Tuesday of the summer.

To regular people, summer technically started yesterday, but for me, summer started on the 8th with the first Stranger than Fiction show of the season. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I LOVE STF and everything about them, if you are a new reader, I'll explain real quick.

STF is an improv comedy troupe based out of Portsmouth NH, My High School English Teacher is among it's members. I have been attended the shows religiously since 2004. You can't really explain it much more than that unless you see the shows.

Anyway, after being mildly traumatised by Jon Wellington, (btw it's worth the $12 cover charge to see Jon Wellington live, again it's something you just need to see.) I stood outside to talk to the cast because I haven't talked to my High School English Teacher since December (I know that seems odd, but High School English Teacher and I have a weird relationship) and I missed talking to him at the graduation on Friday.

Until tonight, I wasn't formally introduced to the new cast members, I've been told I'm talked about regularly, which is weird, but whatever, everyone's famous for something.Tonight High School English Teacher turned to one of the new people and said: "Have you met Deanna? She's our biggest fan."

It's cool to be recognized for something, even if it's something like going to over 50 improv shows.

High School English Teacher told me that with the new website that should be up this week, (with everything High School English Teacher does, I'll believe that there is a new website when I see it) that they were thinking about having a "biggest fan" part, which according to him, would without a doubt be me he said: "You'd have to stop coming to shows for a while for {BP's Mom} to even come close to seeing as many shows as you." 

How cool would that be, he told me to think of something that I could put up on the sight, maybe I could do pictures or a little mini blog or inside jokes or something. I mean there's just so much that I love about them, and the fact that it's not just High School English Teacher, but other members of the cast the recognize that I spend a lot of time and money going to these shows, that I truly love them, that I've seen more shows then their parents or wives/husbands, it means something.

I got a tweet a little while ago, when I wasn't even thinking about STF, from High School English Teacher, it said something along the lines of "FYI STF speaks of you highly and often, you're officially our biggest fan from many years running."

I'm just glad I could be a part of it. Even if it's just from the front row of the audience.

Today was awesome because it is Tuesday, and frankly, Tuesday has always been my favorite day of the week

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sometimes I just feel SO OLD

Last night, I went to the graduation of a good friend of mine's little sister. When I graduated, she was in 7th grade, and high school graduations make me feel old anyway. I mean, I graduated five years ago, but it seems like so much has happened in those five years. All of a sudden my friends are married and have babies, there was a girl there that I graduated with who was pregnant with what I think is her third child, and she's been married for almost five years. It's weird, but in a small town like the one I grew up I guess it's not that unusual to have a larger percent of people that get married young and start families while people are still in college. That particular pregnant high school classmate's husband, also a fellow class of 05-er, is in the military, so I kind of feel their life is in a fast forward mode that other people aren't.

ANYWAY, the friend which I was watching her sister graduate, I haven't seen this friend in four years, since she graduated from high school. In that time she's moved fourteen hours away, married a guy that I haven't met, but seems really amazing, and now she has a 4 month old daughter, whom I met yesterday, which honestly is why I went to the graduation.

After the graduation I walked around looking for our High School English Teacher, who, as usual took off the second he wasn't needed anymore and was home before we left the soccer field, because he @replied me on twitter before we got to Applebees. She, my friend, wanted High School English Teacher to met her daughter, but alas, since he has magical powers, he missed out. I was holding the baby and a different English Teacher came over to talk to us and in a mildly funny moment said. "Oh my God De Cooley is that your baby?" My brother is Facebook Friends with her, I feel my brother would relay this information to her if it was true. We also live in a small town, she would have known before I showed up at graduation with an infant, but anyway, I was like "nope it's her's." I enjoyed that moment, just for the look on that English teacher's face.

I went to Applebees with 3 friends after graduation, so that we could catch up with the friend we hadn't seen in years and talk about the silly stuff we always talked about, like "Life To-Do Lists," which include things like meeting the cast of Harry Potter, and telling better jokes; and life Not-To-Do lists, like being pregnant twins and stealing sperm from dead people to have zombie babies.

As you, blog reader, know, I tend to feel, especially lately after moving back home, that I don't have any, or many friends, last night, for the first time in a while I felt like I really did have people. They weren't people that I hung out with a lot in high school, in truth, I became better friends with one of these girls after high school, more to going to STF than anything, in another is really my little brother's friend, but sitting there eating and drinking lemonade and talking until they closed, I felt like I did back then, back when I knew I had friends and people to talk to.

My friend took the train back early this morning, but I do have a picture of her and her beautiful little daughter, and I've been promised daily text messages with pictures of the baby so I can watch her grow up from far away, but I know I'll get to see her during her sister's spring break next year, and if it's anything like last night was, it will be like no time has past, the way friendship should be.

today is awesome because I have the Sims 3 to make friends live next door to me in my video game world.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Remember in 6th grade when anything was possible?

Last week for Nerds to the Power of 5 we were giving the challenge to put the five of us in a band. Because of situations out of my control, mostly because people don't inform me of plans that they make for me, and then don't accept the fact that I want nothing to do with said plans, I was unable to make a video on Monday, or a make up video on Saturday.

Normally, I would just add last week to this week's topic, but I feel that I MAY talk to much about this week's topic, so I'm just going to blog the video I would have made last week.

When I was in sixth grade, two big things happened, first, Corey and Topanga broke up, and The Back Street Boy, N*Sync, The Spice Girls, and Hanson, hit it big. Because of the second thing, my best friends and I decided to start a band.

One of us played the flute and another played the clarinet if I remember right, they may have quit by this point, but I know they played then at one point, anyway I remember that we voted and decided that we would all be singers, several of the five of us were in chorus. We had a black notebook that we passed between the five of us that we wrote all our songs in, I think I still have it, but I'd have to really look for it. If I do it buried under years of school work and notebooks. I don't remember a lot of it, but I do distinctly remember that one us, Pheebs, wrote a song about boys and one of the lyrics was "Stick him with a fork."

We used to walk around at recess and thing up what would make good album covers and stuff. We were pretty convinced at we could do this, I have no idea why, I just remember thinking that five girls from the Shire, with little to know musical experience could make a band, this was of course before the days of American Idol.

One day we just stopped trying to be a band. I don't know if it was because the school year ended or because we just lost interest. But I remember spending a good chuck of our school days working on writing songs, we never, like, rehearsed or anything, but we wrote a whole bunch of songs.

As for our challenge this week, I would give us the following assignments:
I would put Megan in the front, lead vocals: of all of us, I think that Megan is the most outgoing of all of us. From her Tumblr, I've seen her style, and I really love it, and I think she would make a wonderful front to our band.

I would have Mary on lead guitar, because she plays guitar, and that's kind of one the main requirements to play lead guitar.

I would have Noelles on drums, I see Noelles are more of a background person, I don't mean this in a mean way, it's just that even in THES, she would be a background person, as the Narrator in the plays. Although this is basically the main part, like the drums, the focus isn't on her, but she's supporting the whole thing. I hope that makes sense.

Laura I would have on rhythm, mostly so that I can jam with her on bass. I don't know if Laura feels the same way, but I see Laura was one of my really good friends. I feel like I could have known her forever, even though we've never met and she lives on the opposite side of the continent in a different country.

As for a name, I'm super horrible at naming things. I feel that there would be a nerdy reference of some kind like Megan suggested, and I feel it should be mildly obscure. As for an exact name, I'm not really sure.

today is awesome, because tomorrow, is Tuesday.

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