Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Accomplishments and new goals

I'm sorry in adavance, this is kind of long.

Hi, I'm kind of making this a recap and set new goals for myself blog. I really don't have any real news of any sort to discuss. Nothing exciting really ever happens to me, but I like to try to keep this blog thing going. It's fun, and such. I have trouble keeping up with them, and I kind of feel like I have to keep some kind of journal to be a real writer, but anyways, back to my point.

Project for awesome was last week, and my video had over 100 views and 50-something comments, I was pretty excited about that. I knew I wasn't going to get spammed by the nerdfighters or anything, but i was still very excited about the comments and views I go. I was in the live chat some of Thursday and most of Friday. On Thursday Hayley G Hover said she liked my user name, she said "Misuseofairqoutes, that's one of the best user names I've seen today, and I've seen a lot!" That kind of made my day.

Now to the core of this blog:

I said at the beining of the year that I would read 25 books, and I have completed this mission. At the end of this, I will leave a list of the books that I've read in 2009.

I also promised myself that I would make progress on a novel, and have a first draft done by the end of the year. That didn't so much happen, but I did win NaNoWriMo this year, and I have a pretty soild most of a first draft of that book going. I'm still working on Universe, getting bits and pieces together. I haven't come close to givng up on it, but not having to write every day for class kind of slowed my writing down a bit.

I have new goals of 2010, which I feel if I don't get them down somewhere I'll forget about them, and I'll let it all go to the wayside. I'm uping my books read goal to 30, easily doable, especailly with the amount of books I've asked for for Christmas. I am always open to new books as well, so if anyone has any suggestiongs, leave them as a comment, or something. I'll read pretty much anything.

My other media related goal is to make more youtube videos. Although I made a video every week for 10 months this year, I only posted 8 videos on my personal channel. I'm going to start aiming of at least bi-weekly videos. I have a couple weird/funny videos that I plan to make, and I want to vlog more. I enjoy the youtube experice, the whole culture of it, and I really want to feel like I have more of a part in it. So my goal is to come out of 2010 with at least 20 videos on my personal channel. I think I'm going to do vlog-everday-November, along with my NaNo next year. Don't qoute (mis-spelled on purpose my friends) on it, but I think I'm going to try.

I also want to have a full first draft of Universe done no later than April. That way I can have someone, My roommate, or Jen, or someone like that read it, edit it, and give me ideas to improve it, so that I can re-group, and hopefully send out a solid second draft to a few publishers by the end of the year. My life goal is to be published. I have to start somewhere.

Anyway, those are my goals for next year. If you have any book suggestions, let me know. Also, if you have any cool video ideas that you wouldn't mind sharing, I would LOVE those too.


My 2009 book list!
Author: Maureen Johnson

13 little blue envelopes
Keys to the Golden Firebird
Girl at Sea
The Bermudez Triangle
Suite Scarlet
Author: John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle
Let it Snow

Melissa Anelli
Harry, A History
Alan Lastufka and Michael W Dean
Youtube, an Insider's Guide to climbing the charts
Stephen King
On Writing
Simone de Beauvoir
Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter

Louise Rennison
Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging
On the Bright side, Now I'm the Girlfriend of a Sex God
Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas
Michael J Fox
Lucky Man
Always Looking up, the Adventures of an Incurable Optimist

Ann Brashares
Girls in Pants
Forever in Blue (the 3 and 4 sisterhood of the traveling pants books)

Laurie Halse Anderson

Chuck Klosterman
Sex, Drugs, and CocoPuffs

Scott Westerfeld
The Last days

Jodi Picoult
My Sister's Keeper

Today is awesome because I can get amazing internet connection in the attic of the apartment, and the window over-looks the kind of cute snow covered houses on our street.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I think I've calmed down enough from yesterday's class to talk about Adversting class.

So yesterday, after working my ass off on a big project for my advertsing class, we got them back. Our teacher, who is a horrible person, just so we are all on the same page, started our class by saying: "I had the SWINE FLU this weekend, is it was very hard to get these done."


Then she spent the rest of the class period telling us how horrible we all are at completing our projects, that firstly, she didn't even come close to explaining, and assigned a extra piece THE DAY IT WAS DUE! Who the F does this!?!?!

One member of my group wasn't in class on Monday, so she decied that would be the perfect project to rip apart so that he couldn't defend what he worked for 3 hours a day for the last two weeks on. I spents a good twently minutes explaining what he was trying to say with his ad. She also told us that we were supposed to have different projects, but work in groups, but not have the same information. So the newspaper group had three different options on what the newspaper ads should look like and that wasn't good enough for her.

She expects us to just know how to be an ad. exec and we barely understand the material. I don't understand what she wants from us. I mean, we all worked our asses off on this project. We were working with outside people because the teacher wouldn't help us, but no matter how much effort we put into our work it's never good enough for her.

I'm really glad that I waited a day to wrtie this, because I was really pissed off yesterday. In web design, which half my adversting class is in, all we talked about what we could have done differently in the project. The people in the radio group, and my group of newspaper people were the ones that gotr picked on most, so all just kind of vented to each other about how well we thought we did and how no matter what, we were going to fail.

This is my third class with her, and I've actually taken this class twice, because last year, some bad things happend around this time and I just couldn't ge the project done. She is truly a horrible, horrible person.

And that is all I have to say about this.

We had a webdeisgn expo today, where we got to show off our websites that we made in class. That was fun, it was cool to see what we were all working on all semester. We actually made our teacher cry with happiness at how awesome we all are. None of us really had no idea what we were doing, and most of our websites were kind of sad looking.

And that is the diffence between a good teacher, and a bad teacher.


today was awesome because I realized that there are 22 people in my life that also hate this particular teacher as much as I do.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NaNo time

Now that it's the 3rd of November, I feel I should write a blog about NaNoWriMo.

So far I'm on target for making it through, but just barely. I have to have a really good writing day soon and just completely pwn this story.

This story is kind of difficult, because I've been working on Universe for so long that I trying to write something else, something I know kind of sucks and doesn't have much delvopment yet, is really difficlult. I hope I can really figure it out. I've been tempted to erase and start over several times. But that's the pressure of NaNo.

I'm writng with my roommate, and she's never really sat down and written before, so it's intersting. At least this year there is a person in the room to bounce stuff off of. I kind of want to go to the write-in tomorrow, but I'm not supposed to be in Barnes and Noble, and I have class. So I'll try to figure that out.

I've felt kind of weird latley, and I don't know why. I think I'm upset with the lack of committment some people are showing in an ongoing project, and how, even though it's not the single most important thing in people's lives, they're treating it like it's not important at all. We all signed on to see it through to the end, to actually try. It sucks that I'm the only one even mildly intersted in finishing the project. I'm honestly thinking about not be bothered to do my part this week, or next week, or ever again. I'm starting to not care about it because no one else cares about it. It was my idea, my baby, I created it, and now I'm just watching it die and theres no way I can save it it.

I was sick last week and let Noelles run THES because I wasn't going to make it there, and it went smoother and they got more done than they ever had when I'm running the show. I feel like I'm not needed. Like I'm already being replaced. I don't like it. I don't want to be the person that can be replaced with a better version at any moment.

Anyways, I have to get ready to go to class, well at least try to make it to lunch with my friends. I think that's part of my thing, I really miss my friends. I mean, their right down the street, and I try to see them as much as possible, but I don't get to see them like I want, or used to.


If you can think of a reason that today is awesome, let me know.

Monday, October 12, 2009

October is planning time!!

I got an email about a week ago from the NaNoWriMo guys, and I wasn't going to do it, but yesterday I started working on Universe again, so I figured "what the heck might as well." Obvs I won't be working on Universe, but I think working on a new project will help with the writing of Universe, I'm kind of stuck, I'm kind of in the process of re-writing also. There is some stuff I need to add. I took it off WeBook, because I kind of felt pressured by that site, I don't really know why, but I felt like I was failing by not posting things on a regular basis.

Back to NaNo though, I got my roommate to do it with me! She's been brainstorming all day, working on plot (lolz) and character development. Her books sounds pretty interesting too. When I get a better idea about mine I'll let you know. I'm still in the planning stages.

There are some write-ins in Augusta, but they're in Barnes and Noble, so I don't know if I can go, I'm going to work on it though.

ALSO my roommate and I are starting up a book club. I'm uber excited about this. We're starting with the new Laurie Halse Anderson book, Wintergirls. We're all official with a Facebook event and everything.

According to my horoscope I should be getting a job this week. Which would be WONDERFUL. I need one so badly. I need more things going on in my life to focus. I miss having large amounts of stress and craziness in my life.

October is looking pretty crazy right now, I'm excited. I like being stretched to within an inch of my life. I work better that way. November should be interesting.

Video Game Boy and I are working on making a super awesome video, with help from his Girlfriend. It's like a love story, man + car + pokemon, you'll love it.

THES is also getting down to crunch time. We have funds and such so we can start painting and all that fun stuff soon. I'm really excited for How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It's going to be so awesome. I can tell with the group of people we have this year.

I think that's all I really have for now. I'll let you know if something else comes up.


today is awesome because my roommate keeps yelling that she's quitting NaNo, and it's not even November yet. She has no idea. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

amazing weekend

If you could make out with any man living or dead who would be it?
Vin Diesel.

This was the conversation two men at the table I ate dinner at last night had. Please note there there was not pause for thinking between the end of the question and the answer, as if this man has been thinking about this for a while.

Sunday night I went down to Boston to the Improv Fest to see STF and BP and The Buj perform. They were awesome I love them, the shows were really short, but it was worth the 5 hour drive to see Michelle and everyone else (mostly Michelle (:).

Afterward I got invited to hang out with STF (well Noah BP and Buj) at a bar, which was slightly weird, yet awesome, where the Buj asked the question that starts this blog, and Noah Answered him.

I only got charged for one drink and BP made that awkward, but what else could really be expected. I got hugged and thanked for coming all the way down to see the show. I love them so much. I also have a pretty decent feeling that THES will be able to get them to come up here for a show this semester. (!!!!!!!!)

today is awesome because I don't have to deal with selfish bitches in my life anymore.

Friday, September 11, 2009

In a world of yesterday

In a World of Yesterday

Iwill always remember that day as having the longest fire drill of my high school career in the freezing cold. For the beginning of September it was peculiar, but of course I had to be the only sucker freshman on the soccer teams that believed the captains when they told us we had to wear our uniforms on game day.I stood against an aging pine tree opposite the art room doors waiting for the principal to let us back into the clearly not burning building. It was the only place on that side of the school that wasn’t in complete shadow at 8:30 a.m.

My best friend Ryan Hughes found me after five minutes of the freezing fire drill. He was still wearing his over-sized goggles and plastic apron from biology class, but we both knew that the bio teacher was, basically, certifiable, so it was almost acceptable that Ryan would be clad in this fashion. He leaned up against the tree with me, our elbows almost touched, but we kept out distance, just something we always did.

“You are aware you look completely ridiculous with your soccer uniform on, right?” he said, chuckling to himself. “You have the most awkward skinny white boy legs I’ve even seen.”

“And the mad-scientist goggles do a lot for you too, Rye,” I snapped back.

“Yea but, this outfit is complete expected coming from Mrs. Kentland’s class Derek, you just look way too excited about the game today.”

We both laughed silently, never looking at each other, staring in opposite directions, this was how our friendship had always been.

“Mr. Reed!” I heard the strange Texan accent of my Spanish teacher yell in my direction.

“Mr. Reed, this is not happy fun time, this is serious business. I almost had to report you as missing to the authorities! Get over here you gummy bear brain!”

“Well I guess I’ll see you in Goodwin’s class then.” I said to Ryan as I walked away.

I wasn’t sure if he even heard me, but then again, what did it really matter, I would be seeing him in a half hour.

“Sorry Maestro, I was trying to stay warm.”

“No excuses!” The tiny man yelled as he hit me in the arm with his clipboard.

If he was over five feet tall I would have been pissed that he treated me that way, but he barley reached my waist so, I couldn’t really complain.

“Next time there is a fire drill, maybe you should wear some pants.”

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, sir. Just let me know the next time we have to wait twenty hours outside in the cold for no reason and I’ll make sure I have long pants on that day.”

I walked away, not waiting to hear his reaction. I knew it would be something just as sarcastic as what I said. That was something Maestro was always good for, giving it back to me.

I watched two of the senior volleyball players, a blonde and a red head, numbers 15 and 20 I believe, braid each other’s hair as the French teacher went on with her lesson. They conjugated words as they perfected French pigtails. The redhead then got the amazing idea to ask what the holdup was, since the building was clearly not on fire.

“We’ll Miss Murphy, there seems to be a student missing,” replied the hall monitor.

“How can you be sure, its second period,” The blonde asked.

“Mr. Jones was marked as present in his first period and second period class attendance sheets, but we can’t find him now.”

“Brandon Jones is missing again?!” The redhead yelled. Several fellow French classers looked in her direction.

“That kid has gone missing in literally every fire drill I’ve even been in.”

“Breathe Tracy, they’ll find him,” The blonde said, her right hand on the redheads left bicep.

“They always do.”I stood there next to my teacher wondering what the girls would have said if Maestro hadn’t seen me leaning up against the tree with Ryan, what if the hall monitor had told them that Derek Reed was the missing student, would they even care, did they know how I was. I daydreamed about the concern that would have passed over the blonde’s face, how she would
have looked for me if I were the missing student.

Amiss my daydream the Vice Principal appeared near the art room doors, “It’s safe to re-enter students of Kurtwood High. The fire has been contained!”

There was half-hearted laugh in the crowed as everyone pushed their way back into the building.

Then I heard something I wasn’t use to hearing at all, I looked up to see a helicopter heading quickly toward the seacoast. I’d never seen one so close, it was barely clearing the trees as it flew. I’d only ever seen a helicopter twice in life before that day, one was a military one at the Portsmouth Ship yard when I was a kid and my Grandpa took me to see the submarines, and the other time was the news helicopter when the Davenport boys robbed the Shell station on 125 and the police were chasing them. No one around me seemed even remotely interested in what was going on in the skies above our heads. It would be the last thing we barely noticed.

We got back into class at 9:01. Second period ends at 9:02. Maestro still somehow figured we were going to take a five-page test in this time. He was handing out test as we walked in the door.

“Is this take home Maestro?” Chad asked in his “I’m too good for this class” voice.

“No Mr. Warren it is for now!” Maestro yelled. “Now sit and take it, I will not have any more shenanigans today!”

The bell rang; we stood up and left our untouched tests on Maestro’s desk as we left.

I stopped at my locker on my way upstairs to algebra, hoping that I would, by the grace of God, have a sweatshirt in there. But alas, it was the second week of school, so I was out of luck. I slammed the door and continued to my class.

Even with my pit stop I was the first one to room 209. The room slowly filled with my classmates, people I had known since I was seven years old but never bothered to get to know. The basketball players punched each other in the arm, saying they’ll see each other at lunch, boyfriends reluctantly kissed girlfriends, and the popular girls blew kisses to each other for reasons I will never understand.

Mr. Goodwin entered the room and ran his hand along the chalk tray. As always he was dressed like a tootsie pop, brightly colored polo shirt and tan pants, today’s color was raspberry. “I swear that middle school-ers eat this crap,” he waited for a laugh that would never come as he went to the next room to retrieve chalk.

Ryan came in as Mr. Goodwin disappeared. He took his customary seat next to me. Without looking at each other he explained himself, “Freaking whack-job tried to have us do a lab in thirty-five seconds.”

“Maestro wanted us to take a test; we all left it blank on his desk.”

“Nice,” I could hear the smile in Ryan’s voice.

Mr. Goodwin was gone much longer than he normally was, long enough for the popular girls in the corner to take out there compacts and start checking they’re already clearly made-up faces.When he finally did return, his face was so ashen I was almost concerned for his health. But when I noticed no one else was I only shifted in my seat a little bit.

“How many of you have been to New York?” he asked, we all raised our hands. We’d gone for our class trip the year before, Mr. Goodwin knew this, he was our chaperone, something was clearly not right.

“Good.” He walked over the board and drew to large rectangles on the board. Then a giant jagged hole in the one on the left.

“Cuz it’s never going to be the same.”

“We’re still on fractional division, you can’t go throwing volume at us the second week of school, Captain,” Patrick said, his basketball clones laughed to themselves.

“Something is obviously wrong, you idiot,” Kelly said shutting her compact with a snap that made Goodwin jump a little.

“There has been a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center,” Mr. Goodwin said it as quick and painless as possible.

At that moment I memorized every detail of that room, the broken green-grey file cabinet, the way the third light from the door flickered a little, the horror struck look on the other seventeen faces in the room. Everything was perfectly clear for the first time in my life.

“How?” Robbie asked. It would have gotten a laugh at any other time but that moment.
“What happened to them? How do you know?”

“Mrs. B is watching CNN with the middle school-ers next door. Planes flying from Boston were hi-jacked and flown into the towers. That’s all I really know guys. Don’t worry though, there is no safer place than Kurtwood New Hampshire, no one has ever heard of it.”

Mr. Goodwin was never good at jokes, but he tried his damnedest to lighten the mood in the classroom, for he had the hardest job of any of us that day.

“Where were the planes going?” Ryan asked, something was weird with his voice. I turned to him. For the first time in our thirteen-year friendship, I saw him cry. I had seen this kid nailed with a soccer ball in places that would have made anyone else show some kind of emotion, but he never did. But something about these planes made him lose it.

“Shouldn’t you find out, I mean that important info ya think!” Ryan yelled the whole class was looking at him now. He would have tried to hide himself in any other situation, make sure no one saw him emoting, but he didn’t.

"I have a class to teach right now. You’ll find out everything you need to as the information is passed onto us. Right now we have some math to learn.” Goodwin wrote up two sets of five problems on the board.

“Reed and McMullen, you’re up.”Elaina stared at me waiting to see what I would do. I of course went up to the board. I was a mathematical genius I lived for these moments.

“You’re kidding right,” She said from her seat in the front row. “I’ll be racing Derek Reed in fractional division while the rest of the school watches a national tragedy unfold on television?”

“Come on Elaina,” I coxed. She slowly got up and walked toward me, I noticed she has the most beautiful emerald green eyes, complemented perfectly with her light make-up, nothing like the popular girls in the corner; Elaina was more than just regular pretty. I wondered to myself why I never noticed before.

As I completed the third problem, Elaina was still on the first, Kelly’s phone rang in the back of the room, “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys, we all knew it was hers it had gone off some many times before.

“Answer it and make it quick,” Goodwin said. “Let your parents know everything’s under control and you know what's going on, and then hang up. You have ninety seconds.

“Yea Mom, everyone’s fine, Goodwin told us... I know, Goodwin told us... Yes Mom I understand… I’ll be fine you don’t have to come get me I’m safe at school. I really have to get back to class though… I’ll call you at lunch… I’m sorry… I’ll talk to you later… Bye Mom.”
She hit the end button then mouthed “sorry” to her staring peers.

As I finished my last problem the monotone voice of our principal interrupted the silence.

“I am sorry to inform you all of a national tragedy that has taken place in New York City and Washington D.C. this morning.” His voice lacked the appropriate emotion for horrible news breaking. It didn’t matter what he was saying, his audience just wanted to sleep, but today we all sat and listened as if we were being paid to do it. “Planes have been flown into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. I will try to keep the staff posted and ask teachers with the technology to do so to, please, watch the news with your students. Because of this state of emergency, many of your parents are calling the school and asking to dismiss their student. I ask that all teachers be patient as we figure out the best way to deal with this. We also ask that teachers allow students to answer their cell phones, although cell phones are against school policy. That is all, thank you.”

“The Pentagon too!” Patrick yelled. “Ya think that would be important Goodwin.”

“I can’t tell you things I don’t know Standgartner,” Mr. Goodwin said.I looked over to Ryan, his head was flat against his desk, I shook him slightly. It was the first time I can remember touching him that wasn’t punching.

“Ryan, are you okay?”

“My uncle Troy, my Dad’s kid brother, works there, at the Trade Centers,” Ryan whispered so only I would hear him.

“I don’t know where or even what he really does, I just know he’s there.”

“Call your mom,” I suggested. “She’d know. Right?”

“Yea, but I don’t want to disturb Goodwin, and she’ll be here to get us in a few minutes anyway. You know Rita.”

As Goodwin let the popular girls call their friends downstairs, the PA system started up again.

This time it was the soothing voice of the secretary, Mrs. Gilligan. “Nathan Ascusion, Corbin Belfour, Quinn Belleview, Alexis Carson, River, Roxanne, Kennedy, Harper and Cash Davenport, Brandon Jones, Kevin and Christi O’Conner, and Rayell Smith to the office please…”

“That officially ends the learning for September 11th 2001,” Mr. Goodwin said, almost sounding annoyed. I knew how seriously he took education, but his emotion seemed too miss placed. I wondered if, like Ryan, he had someone that could be injured or dead and didn’t know how to talk about it.

Ryan and I were in the fourth round of students called to the office that period, shortly before the bell rang. As we walked down the staircase Ryan stopped at the mural that we made in April of sixth grade. He easily found our hands, mine was the only green one, and his intersected mine, so that no matter what we’d be touching, always.

“I thought the world changed forever on that day,” I said thinking back to the tragedy of April 20th our sixth grade year.

“The world changes everyday Derek; it just takes something big for anyone to notice.” He ran his hand over its smaller version and we continued down the staircase.

The bell rang as reached the last stair. Any other day, there would have been a rush to get out of the rooms, but today everyone was moving slowly. The volleyball players from the fire drill ran toward each other crying and hugging as if they would never see each other again. The basketball boys searched each other out; everyone was making sure everyone was okay, like what happened has happened directly to us. And it a weird way it did, because no matter what, we would never be the same.We stopped at Ryan’s locker, he throw a grey blob at me.

“I was going to give it to you in Goodwin’s class, but being late and everything I forgot.”

“Thanks,” I said, pulling it over my head, I had forgotten how cold I was.

The main office was a mob scene. Mrs. Gilligan was frantically taking names from concerned parents and called students down in groups of ten or twelve.

“Just sign out boys, Ryan’s mom is waiting outside I think.”

“Thanks Mrs. G,” I said, signing both our names on the sign out sheet, and then seeking Mrs. Hughes blue Ford minivan in the parking lot. She hugged us both like she hadn’t seen us in years.

As we left school that day, a blue jay sat on the top of the welcome sign. It made the blue of the sign look pale and old. I memorized the contours of that bird. Just one more thing that I wouldnever look at the same again.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Starting BEDS today

I'm officially starting BEDS today, I will continue it through the 10th of October.

We got the internet in the apartment yesterday!!! I'm super excited. A week and a half without the internet is difficult. It's kind of sad how dependant we as a culture have become on it. I mean I didn't start using the internet regularly until I was in high school, really. But now I kind of been freaking out that I can't email my friends or check my youtube account.

I thought that living without cable for a week and half would be harder, but honestly it was more difficult knowing that clicking the blue "E" on my desktop wouldn't bring me anywhere that bothered me most.

I got to hang out with my roommates, I love them. We're getting along really well, which I was concerned about since we're friends, but it's been really awesome.

We're bringing Neville to my parents on Saturday. I'm going to miss him greatly. He's such a great kitten. I love him.

My roomies and I are working on a way to get him back around Christmas.

I'll talk to you more tomorrow.


today is awesome because it's THES day!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So it's now the 3rd

... and this is my second BEDS post. And since the first on was in Aug. I don't think that technically counts.

We're getting internet and cable (but mostly internet) in the apartment in 6 days (I'm counting). I've been playing a lot of sims 2. And thinking about how I should be writing a blog since I told myself that I would blog better than Jen this month.

I found a place in the apartment where we can steal the internet, so I may be spending some time out there this weekend catching up. I pull some double blog days.

I need to cut my fingernails, but that's not important, really, just annoying.

Today was the club fair for the year, and THES acquired 12 new e-mails. THES should be awesome, I'm hoping. The people that sounded up seemed really interested. And honestly we're going to need a lot of under class men to keep THES a float when everyone graduates in the next few semesters.

I'll be posting pics of the Neville, and the apartment (or flat, because I want to be British) next week when I get the internet.

I shall try to write to you tomorrow

today is awesome because Video Game Boy is trying to recruit me to play D and D. I love my friends.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Because I do everything Jen does

and since we are fighting I have to do it better, I shall also be participating in BEDS.

Which officially starts tomorrow. But since there is a fairly decent chance that I will miss several days the first week because we don't have internet in the apartment, I'm starting early.

I'm using the Tom computers, because I'm internet deprived, I'm sure that Clem will come with me tomorrow, so I can set her up with hardcore anti-virus and other awesomesause computer-y things. I went to Youtube today for a second to change something, and I have SOOOOO many videos to watch, and were not getting internet until NEXT Wednesday. I'm sure that I can just pretend it's the 80's and do without for a bit.

I LOVE our apartment. We also have a kitten, named Neville (pics soon, like, when we get the internet in the apartment. I have mentioned we don't have internet yet? Well we don't).

I've been spending most of my time playing the sims or watching my roommates play sims, and watching movies.

I thought I had class at 10, but it turns out ot be at 1. Which is lame, but increases my internet time. OH how I have missed the internet. We also don't have cable, but the internet is far more important. I watch most of my TV on the internet. You can't just watch Family Ties and Spin City whenever anymore (I loves Youtube).

I miss my youtube friends. By youtube friends, I mean people I subscribe to that I say are my friends so I don't sound crazy when I talk about them (still sound crazy regardless of whether or not I try to tell people that Hank Green is actually my friend).

Oddly enough, last time I blogged everyday, I was putting together a play, as I and this time I am also putting together a play. Although this time the play isn't at the end of the month, it's in December, but I'll be casting this month.

We've had people over last night and we tried to move a couch. Remember that episode of friends when the guys try to move a large sofa? Well it was exactly like that. Only less Joey, and more annoyed boys. It was great!

I have more to talk about but Keith's here and I'm going to see her dorm room!


today is awesome because I brought a bagged lunch to school

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The end of my summer vacation.

Last night was the last of the Stranger than Fiction shows. :(

They are so amazingly awesome that I think I'm going to create a new adjective for them, because amazingly awesome isn't good enough.

Before the show, High School English Teacher tweeted about how everyone should reserve tickets for the show. So all the groupies called me, since I'm clearly the head of the groupies, and from outside the place they perform whilst waiting in line, I called and reserved tickets.

I also bought a shower curtain, felt too much like an adult, so I tweeted about it to lessen the amount of adult I felt.

Anywayz, the show was so awesome. The theater was arranged oddly which lead to some awesome pictures that I'll post on facebook after I get my printer set up/Internet in the apartment.

During the show Georgie and I got serenaded by several of the members. I LOVED IT!!! Wellington sung about the two of us having his babies at the same time (working on it on the Sims.) and BP talked about how he was never going to return my marker that he stole in 2004. I loved everything about it!!

My favorite part of the show was High School English Teacher trying to guess lip stick during the vet game. It was so awkward. Who puts lipstick on a tapeworm anyway. And just so that you all know: Wal Mart bags and the Internet have nothing to do with broken hearts.

I also loved the meowing Guinea Pig named Marmalade.

I really wish I could explain the awesome, but its so awesome you just have to experience it. It's one of those you have to be there to get it things, but once you get it, it's magical.

Now my summer is un-officially over. I sadly happy about it. I mean I get to go back up to H2O-ville on Friday and be with my video game boys, but I leaving STF behind. There is show in two weeks in Boston, but that's not the same. It's not on a Tuesday.


today is awesome because I'm almost done packing

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Book survey (from hayleyghoover)

I stole this from http://hayleyghoover.blogspot.com

1. What author do you own the most books by?
JK Rowling 10, John Irving 9

2. What book do you own the most copies of?
A Prayer for Owen Meany (3)

3. Did it bother you that both those questions ended with prepositions?
Kind of, but only because I’m writing my answers in MS word and I find the green underlining a little annoying

4. What fictional character are you secretly in love with?
It’s not really a secret, but I am in love Fred Weasley.

5. What book have you read the most times in your life (excluding picture books read to children; i.e., Goodnight Moon does not count)?
I’ve read A Prayer for Owen Meany 8 times.

6. What was your favorite book when you were ten years old?
When I was 10 I was big into the Laura Ingles Wilder books

7. What is the worst book you've read in the past year?
I read Breaking Dawn.

8. What is the best book you've read in the past year?
I read Peeps and The Last Day’s by Scott Westerfeld. Amazing. Also, Looking for Alaska.

9. If you could force everyone you tagged to read one book, what would it be?
Since most of my friends are against reading books for Teenagers, I would force them to read Looking for Alaska, and A Prayer for Owen Meany.

10. What book would you most like to see made into a movie?
Movies have been ruining books since 1920. Movies based on books are always horrible

11. What book would you least like to see made into a movie?
I hold the same opinion to this question as the question above

12. Describe your weirdest dream involving a writer, book, or literary character.
I have really weird dreams involving the actual Novel A Prayer for Owen Meany, like the paperback novel. It mostly takes over the world.

13. What is the most lowbrow book you've read as an adult?
Going to have to go with Twilight because I am

14. What is the most difficult book you've ever read?
I can’t say that any of the books I’ve read have been challenging, although I did have a very hard time finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows after page 637.

15. What is the most obscure Shakespeare play you've seen?
I’ve only seen Much Ado About
Nothing and Romeo and Juliet on stage.

16. Do you prefer the French or the Russians?
If I have to pick between The Cherry Ochard and any other play ever, I’m going to with the French

17. Roth or Updike?
I’ve read more Updike, though not a big fan of either

18. David Sedaris or Dave Eggers?
I’ve read more Sedaris

19. Shakespeare, Milton, or Chaucer?
Shakespeare, there just isn’t anything better

20. Austen or Eliot?

21. What is the biggest or most embarrassing gap in your reading?
I stopped reading my first year of college. I’ve made up for it recently.

22. What is your favorite novel?
A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

23. Play?
The Crucible. And by the Crucible, I mean Giles Cory.

24. Poem?
About the Author by my good friend Brittany (http://www.crayolawax.blogspot.com) it’s posted over there somewhere

25. Essay?
I read this amazing essay in my essay writing class, but I don’t remember who it was by or what it was about, but it was awesome.

26. Work of nonfiction?
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

27. Who is your favorite writer?
I’m going to say Maureen Johnson, because she is my girl crush

28. Who is the most overrated writer alive today?
Well, there is this person that wrote some books about vampires.

29. What is your desert island book?
I’m going to admit that I’ve somehow never read a book about a desert island. I’m sorry

30. And... what are you reading right now?
Pretties by Scott Westerfeld and Hemmingway’s The
Sun Also Rises.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Last day of Job

I just got back room my “last day of work dinner” with the rest of my department. And I have to say, it was a little depressing. Mostly because it was my last day, but also because this time last week, we were at another “last day of work dinner.”

I think that this weird, sad feeling will go away when I’m not sitting here very day waiting for an e-mail or an awkward 3 sentence conversation that consist of a completely ridiculous question, an obnoxious answer, and “Yeah, about that.”
AG: Do you have an email address?
Me: No.
AG: Yeah, that was a stupid question.)
I think I just have to get used to change, and growing up. He’ll be back someday, I hope. There was just strange perfect-ness that happened. I think it’s a good thing when people on both sides of the relationship are weirded out equally by each other. I kind of feel you (stranger/Jen) get it.

I had this conversation with My Boss on Wednesday:
My Boss: “Do you think he’s left handed?”
Me: “No, he’s just doing that to mess with you.”
Almost the same, except she believed me for a minute and then asked the guy if he was creative.

(I had her abbreviated as MB, but I never want to see those letters next to each other ever again.)

I also decided that next fall I’m coming back here. I honestly really enjoyed it. I also feel I give My Boss a sense of normal, or someone who will listen to her complain. I will miss her about as much as AG. BUT I can, at least, visit her with her being my Dad’s best friend and all. And when I return next September, she’ll be here. Unless she goes completely insane, this is completely possible.

I know I won’t work here forever, since I’m going to become a famous author, and you blog reader, will be all “I used to read her blogs about how she missed that weird guy she worked with!” And when I leave here, hopefully I can make some intern just as depressed as I have been about AG, or, you know, have an awkward guy of my own. Although leaving a job because you’re famous is less awesome, or maybe just awesome in a different way, than why AG left.

I think that is enough self pity for one day. I’m making my video in response to JenJen’s video tomorrow. You do even know what you’re in for.


Today is awesome because it’s my last day, and I get to sleep in tomorrow. And it’s like The Who day for Edgar Allen Ipoe

Thursday, August 20, 2009

well that's unfortunate

So this happened to me:

I was walking, well standing, in the Wal Mart parking lot yesterday talking to Georgie next to my car. When I went to get into my car, my left shoe stayed where it was. This is because the stickiest gum I have ever encountered.

It was so sticky that after I managed to get my shoe out of the gum and into my car, it stuck to the floor of my car, where it reminds, because now the gum is dry and glue like.

I posted all my STF pictures up on the F-Book yesterday. Within 10 minutes, The Buj tagged almost all of them. Which was kind of awesome. Mostly because I am not friends with him on the F-Book and until like 2 weeks ago, I didn’t think he was a fan of the Groupies. We are pretty ridiculous sometimes, but now he talks to me, and says my name some times. If you knew The Buj, I feel you would understand why this is weird. And the Buj just also posted a comment on my album. And I freaked out a little bit.

I went to lunch with my Dad and My Boss. We got Chinese food, and for some reason My Boss had never had Chinese food in restaurant before. Sometimes I love her even more than regular times.

My Women’s Day horoscope has been right 3 days in a row now, and it’s kind of freaking me out. Like a lot. My Boss and I had a cryptic convo about Awkward Guy, because of this horoscope, which involved a lot of me lying, and not making eye contact with her as she guessed correctly twice but I denied it. I have a weird thing about too many people knowing things like this. And she also is really good friends with my Dad. And just so you know, Awkward Guy almost passes her test of “good choice” list, that for some reason includes the criteria “Does there name start with a J.” Her process is not about 67% more complicated than mine, which is: “Does he have a beard?” “Is he younger than my Dad?” and “Are they Michael J. Fox?” (My favorite part is that question 3 does not pass the question 1 and 2 test.).

Well that’s all I really have for today, I shall most likely be talking to you tomorrow. I’m going to post a personal channel video on the Tubes soon. (http://www.youtube.com/misuseofairqoutes) keep your eyes out for that. I got tagged by JenJen in this totally Jokes audio swap thing. When I post it I’ll link you. Although if you are reading this, you are probs either JenJen, or one of the other people tagged. :P


Today is awesome because I actually have work to do, and STF is commenting up my pics like madpeople.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little bit okay

I guess I’m doing a little bit better than I was Monday.

Tuesday has always been a weird day for me, especially during the summer. The regular part of the day is always crazy long with anticipation. Yesterday, however, was kind of fun at work. Today, also, has been fairly entertaining, but it also 7:40 in the morning. It could go down hill from here (crosses fingers that it doesn't because it was nice not to cry myself to sleep.).

I got to hang out with My Boss most of the day, she’s horribly sunburned, and although it is not funny to her, it’s mildly hilarious to me. The only uncool about hanging out with her is the location of her desk, but that, of course isn’t her fault, and she doesn’t know.

My Boss says the most amazing things like, “I was wearing a slutty dress, like one of those girls that doesn’t know they have to also wear pants.”

Speaking of pantless-ness, I wore a long button down shirt (from the Taylor Swift collection) and shorts yesterday and it looked like I wasn't wearing pants. But I was, and I felt the need to tell people that I was, so that they didn't think I was one of those girls that was unware that they were supposed to actually wear pants. And when I told Georgie she said "It's okay you don't have to wear pants with a dress."

My horoscope yesterday said something about not facebook stalking people, and that if my friends encourage it, then they are not really my friends, and I need to un-friend the person I’m f-book stalking. This was creepy, I’m not currently stalking, but I plan to. So, it was like a warning not to. (literally having an inter-office aim convo with her about facebook stalking.)

STF was pretty awesome. It always is, but this the class performed. They were really good. My favorite part was when the suggestion was “podiatrist” and High School English teacher asked it the guy knew what that was, and the New Guy said. “That’s the thing with kids right?” and the guy behind me, who I’m pretty sure knew the actor, yelled, “Not that’s a pedophile!” (LOLZ)

My second favorite was when I dropped my phone and High School English Teacher picked it up and said, “Clearly you are not to be trusted with this.” NOTE this man allowed us to call each other during class.

I also enjoyed “cat sluttyness” and the “smouch.” There is always something awkwardly hilarious about High School English Teacher being told to lick other members of the group by Wellington, and practicing on his hand. I do wish that High School English Teacher and BP danced during the Robot Prom. That would have made some AWESOME. I took some pictorial evidence of this event, it will be on Facebook, and probs in my Sassy Vid tonight (http://www.youtube.com/sassyladysociety.).


Today is awesome because I love My Boss. And I got an email from Georgies cousin saying he could see me. (I don't know why this is awesome, but it made me laugh and laughing is what I need)

Monday, August 17, 2009

I do not like this at all

I knew that today was going to suck, but I didn’t expect it to suck this bad. The whole department is all quiet and weird, and he wouldn’t even be here yet if this was a normal day. Or maybe I’m imagining it, because it’s Monday. Or maybe it’s because I got here this morning and he had sent me an e-mail.

This seems so much more ridiculous than 2z7. Maybe it’s because he had such a normal car, and there was one just like it behind me at Dunks today, or because I passed three of them on the ride in.

I’m probably just being completely ridiculous. Well, I am being completely ridiculous. But I had a regular person conversation with him on Friday and everything.

We exchanged e-mails and he promised to find me on Facebook. I’m going to be horrible to be around for the next 11 days, until I more back up to school. By then, maybe we’ll be Facebook friends but I’ll have THES and finding a job to distract me from the fact that I don’t get to see him everyday. With 2z7 there was the knowledge that come Thanksgiving and Christmas he’d be right there. With this, it will be a year until he’s in the lower 48, and who knows if he’ll even come back to NH.


Today is notsome

Friday, August 14, 2009

Explaining the hand spasms

I feel I should explain that hand spasm of a previous blog post.

Basically, I work with a bearded guy, commonly referred to as "awkward guy." I managed to:

a.) Talk to him
2.) Take his picture non-creepily

NOTE: need the picture for my internship presentation at school.

Also, NOTE: that I have been working with and having "normal" conversations with him for 8 weeks now. "Normal" in the Deanna sense of normal, which happens to consist of this:

Awkward Guy: “What are you doing?”
Me: “Eating a bagel, I believe next I go hit on Debra but I don’t remember.”
Awkward Guy: “Let me know when you’re done with that.”

And him bestowing hand-fireworks upon me, just for me. <3

Yet, I still freak out before and after having to talk to him, and am very excited that email exists because, even though I can see his desk from my office, I wouldn’t have completed anything if I had to go talk to him every 20 minutes. Let’s just say that walking around the shop, whilst it should be boring and lame, is mildly exciting. Even if I’m holding a clipboard and trying to figure out what he is saying as he talks into a fan (true story).

As a friend of mine, you can easily see how I’ve managed to develop a completely ridiculously sized crush on this person. And why I will be sad for a while that he is leaving today, and I can’t creepily visit him under the pre-text of visiting my boss/ my dad. But I have my non-creepy consensual photograph.

Also, with much help from the text messages for JenJen (http://www.ilessthanthreeyouu.blogspot.com) I searched for him on facebook, but sadly he doesn’t have one. :(


Today is awesome because even though it is Awkward Guy’s last day, we all (safety department) get to eat lunch today at Apple Bees together. And I’m invited.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I win!!! And I didn't freak out or cry! wootzies!!!!

I blogged earlier today it's far more exciting and interesting than this one that I'm typing only because I can't happy dance or screech in my office.


Today is awesome because I actually succeed in my daily mission. Photography.

And because I wrote a blog about John Hughes movies down there. (downward arrow)

The Sausage King of Chicago

As I’m sure most of you know, I love the 80’s movies, Back to the Future, The John Hughes movies, etc. And as I’m sure you are all aware a week ago John Hughes died.

I’ve been trying to write a blog about this, but I wasn’t sure how I would. As a child of the 90’s the movies of the 80’s really shouldn’t apply to me. They don’t speak directly to my generation or the high school I went to. I read an article today about how if Ferris Bueller existed today he would be a prime candidate for ADHD meds. Yet somehow, these movies do speak to me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m the weird kid or because I exposed myself to 80’s culture before I turned 12 that make me love this things so much.

Almost everyday “Don’t You Forget About Me” plays through Edgar Allen Ipoe’s headphones into my ears between The Who tracks and Emo songs and I see a gloved hand reaching for the sky on an Illinois Saturday. Most times I flick the wheel-y thing to show the album cover, which I have set as the movie cover. I wasn’t born when this movie was released (Or any of the John Hughes movies were I think. That’s a lie, Home Alone was 90’s movie). Yet there is something about it that will always make me smile.

When I hear people coughing, I can’t help but want to ask, “What is that ruckus in here.” Every time I watch Two and a Half Men, I don’t really see Allan Harper brother of Charlie Harper, but Duckie, all grown up and wondering if Molly Ringwald ever got together with Blane.

BTW I know someone named Blane, and I’m pretty impressed by my self-control to not ask him, “What the hell kind of name is Blane!?!?!” and then dance across a record store (Because there are sooooo many record stores in New Hampshire, maybe Bull Moose will have to do).

Sometimes I feel like I’m part of a secret club that know what “The Sausage King of Chicago” means, my mom didn’t even get it. I wonder occasionally if my love for sweater vests is because of Ferris or 11th grade English. To most people I know, Ben Stein is just the clear eyes guy, and I think maybe 6 people in my Algebra class got the reference when no one knew the answer to a question, even though Matthew Broderick was pinned to the side bulletin board (I should probably mention there were 11 people in the class, but still).

In college, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles are kind of a big deal movie wise, at least with my friends. I always get excited when they’re on ABC Family, because for some reason I don’t own Sixteen Candles, I should get on that. Last time I check it was like $5 at WMart.

John Hughes stopped making movies a while ago, but I still feel that there will be something missing from Hollywood without him alive. And that without him, we wouldn’t have Emilo, which everyone should be thankful for, because what would life be like if he didn’t have The Mighty Ducks man.

Life move pretty fast. If ya don't stop and look around once and a while, ya gonna miss it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh manz

Today I'm going to try to be an adult all day. It's going to be hard.

I have a lot to catch up about, blog wise, not work wise, because I think we have covered that I don't really do anything at work anymore. Its not that I haven't done a lot, I just did it all in the first three weeks of my internship, and then had 7 weeks left.

This is why I'm going to try to be an adult today; I'm going to try to get Awkward Guy to go to STF tonight. I started being adult by not wearing a head band and tucking my Gryffindor neck less into my shirt. I'm also not going to roll my eyes when I talk or flip my hair like I'm 15 when I see him, or do that weird shuggy smile thing I do, cuz it looks stupid.

I tried not to do emo bangs, but they're getting long so I had to. I also wore big girl shoes, and I'm not sitting like an idiot in my chair. All of these things will convince him that I'm not actually a moron and go to the improv show. I thought about not wearing the "O" band but that's just silly. No one knows what that's about here. It could have intense personal meaning (so does). I also need to not talk like I'm 11.

Deanna, I know what you're thinking in your head, stop being retarded right now. Also stop being a creeper someone else is going to catch you.

I'm going to write a blog about tiredness and how funny it is and about this weekend, but not right now. Right now I'm trying to be excited about ice cream and think of a way to get Awkward Guy to STF without saying "there will be an ice cream social."

I also have to not listen to music that doesn't come directly from youtube. But its just so good. (WHAT DOES SANTA CLAUS DO FOR HALLOWEEN!!!)


today is awesome because: hopefully I'll have an answer for that later

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The room/hallway that locks

Hi, and welcome to another edition of ridiculous things Deanna is afraid of.

In this episode we're going to discuss being locked in rooms that:
a.) lock from the inside. and
2.) even though there is a key on the outside of the door, no one notices that its there expect me.

This room happens to be the conference room/hallway that is next to my office. This room has doors on either side of the room which are sometimes shut for no reason, and sometimes shut because there is a meeting going on. One can never be sure which situation is occurring, especially people on this side of the building, because the people in meetings always forget to open this door, and therefore we have to go around only to discover that there actually isn't anyone in the room and become slightly annoyed. Not that its a big building or anything, its just as Americans, we appreciate shortcuts.

Anyways, the door has a key in the knob, and every time the door closes, I want to turn the key and lock people inside. The door also has a unlocking mechanism on the inside of the room, so the locked in person would probs just be like "wtf" and unlock the door.

But because of this, I'm afraid that other people know that I have this twisted day dream, and therefore when I'm in there, they will lock me in there also.

This fear was at it's max yesterday when I was part of the safety meeting in the hallway/room.
Please note that all but one person that works in this building in in the meeting, and that person wasn't here. And still I got all creeped out that, in fact, someone was going to get into this building and lock us all in the room.

It was the longest, most terrifying hour of my life. But no one would lock the safety committee into a room, that's kind of ridiculous. None one thinks about locking people into rooms expect me.

And that is how my brain works. You're welcome.


today is awesome because (I've noticed that this section is usually why yesterday was awesome) because yesterday when I was leaving work, awkward guy hand pounded me and then said "hand fireworks, just for you." to which I decided that only acceptable response was "thanks I'll cherish it forever." Then exited the building. Equal parts awkward and amazing.

Monday, August 3, 2009

An STF High

So, this weekend was the "Improv Comedy Clash" presented by Stranger than Fiction, an Improv Comedy Troupe based out of the Seacoast of New Hampshire that my High School English Teacher is in (http://www.strangerthanfiction.us).

Basically this was a battle of improv awesomeness. There were two teams that battled each other in the regular improv games that we see every Tuesday. There were also judges, local celebs, that scored them in a mildly hilarious way.

Just for background, last night was my 48th Stranger than Fiction show. I've been going for as long as there has been a STF. I love them.

Yesterday morning I awoke to a direct twitter message from my High School English teacher. Which, honestly, is there anything in the world more awkward than waking up to a text message from your High School English Teacher? Anyways, he asked me if I, STF groupie, would like to be a judge in Sunday night's show. I, of course, was all "Umm Hellz Yes Mr. English Teacher."

So all I really did during the day yesterday was search for 3 hours for my handmade STF t-shirt, and try to figure out how many shows I'd been to (48).

I arrive at the Player's Ring uber early per usual and waited whilst listening to Hank Green's new live Album "I'm so bad at this." (which is awesome and he's really not that bad at it, he just needs to remember the words.)

At 9 we are allowed it. The judges, which also included a man named Steven who runs a web comic about time travel and a member of the troupes mom, were ushered out back and told what to do. Which, since myself and BP's mom have been to almost every show they have ever done, we know exactly what to do, the talk was mostly for Steven. We are basically told to make up scores and just have fun.

For my scores all the skits were silly things that had happened at the last 48 shows that I have attended (ex: 4 deaths by the number 7, 4 Jeffs, 4 grilled cheeses, or 4 ice creams I was promised by my High School English Teacher but never received.). It was amazing.

To truly understand the awesome that is STF you have to sit in the audience and live it. There is no other way to describe what a Jon Wellington is, or why the grilled cheese is completely hilarious. There is no way to explain why we talk about sexy vegetables, why we giggle at people named Jeff, call our male siblings "miblings," have dreams about creepy chicken babies, or why the mere mention of a 26 year old man would stand in the middle of a stage yelling "I'm in second grade" with his fist in the air, would make you almost wet yourself.

Nothing will ever be funnier that a bigger guy ending up completely upside down in a metal folding chair, how the only appropriate song ever sung was about having an affair with your teacher, or climbing the ovary crags of Menstrual mountain to fight the period monster. And you, blog reader that isn't my best friend Georgie, or Tracy, who has been to the shows before, will never quite understand it, no matter how much detail I put in to recreating the night in words.

STF has been, and hopefully will be forever, an amazing part of my summers, and I hope that there is never a time that it is. I'll be living in Maine next year, and I totally anticipate driving the 2.5 hours home every Tuesday to see them.

(So I'm listening to "Accio Deathly Hallows" by Hank Green, and he just said "I know this could end real bad, but I wish it didn't have to end at all" and even though it is actually about Harry Potter, I got a little bit teary-eyed thinking about how there is only 4 shows left in the summer.)


today is awesome, because my dad brought home boxes that look like coffins yesterday. And I have a picture to prove it on my phone.

Friday, July 31, 2009

I quit my job!

My crappy ass weekend job, not this one, but I do leave here on the 21st. And I'll be very upset about it, because I kind of love this job; not a soul crushing weight jumping off my chest, like I did when Adam said to me "So that will be it then?" and I said, "Yes, I'm leaving this place." And then mini happy danced in the parking lot. There will be a bigger happy dance doing down on 22nd when I leave for good.

Today the guy I work with isn't here (sad face), so I'm kind of worried I won't have anything to do. And I forgot my book (and my Gryffindor neckless) on the coffee table. So I'm going to have to play on Google News for most of the day (Just discovered that in fact, my boss will be in safety orientation all day, so I'm left alone.).

Yesterday was a day similar to how today will end up being, and yesterday I ended up too bored to listen to music, which is horrible. Mostly because listening to music is what I do when I'm bored.

I read a news article about how if you overwrite your iPhone Operating System, drug dealers will hack your phone and all children will become crack addicts. Actually, I read and article about how Apple said that, and how ridiculous it made them sound. Apparently it will also cause the end of the world: cell towers will crumple, instant communication will cease to exist and it will be like we live in like the 80's or something, before Internet and cell phones! OH NO!!

I wish I could find the article, I should have emailed it to myself, but I didn't. It was hilarious. Considering most of the news stories these days are about people decapitating infants and murdering expedient mothers stealing their fetuses (feti?), reading one about how Apple doesn't want to you write over your iPhone OS or life as we know it will no longer exist is LOL-able.

Tonight is the opening of a weekend only improv show!! It's a battle improv, and I don't really know what that means, but it should be interesting. I think that my boss actually made need to sit and laugh at other people for a while to de-stress her. She's very stressed, and doing 3 jobs. And gets blamed when people injure themselves. Totally not her fault if parts of your body that shouldn't be anywhere near a clamp ends up in it.

I'll be sure to let you know how the improv show goes. I'm sure it will be improv with a capital G! But I also know you're DYING to find out about it!


today is awesome because I get 4 improv shows this week instead of 1.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

weird day

Please note that it is currently 7:13 am.

I'm having the weirdest day. I'm in a weird mood where un-funny things are really really really funny.

Example: there was a construction truck on the high way this morning with orange cones on the front, and they looked a lot like teeth. Giant orange teeth on the front of a truck. It was hilarious.

And now I'm uberly tired, which never happens, and considering I went to bed at like 8:30 last night, I shouldn't be tired. Also, my snap bracelet is cutting off the circulation to my hand.

My boss is going to the big STF improv battle tomorrow. When I invited her she was all "won't your friends be there?" And I was like "Yes." And she was all "Will they be annoyed that I'm there?" And I was like "No, firstly anyone can go, secondly I'll tell them who the strange person sitting with us is." And she was all "I don't want to ruin your fun." And I was like "Clearly, you've never been to an STF show, its impossible not to have fun there. Unless that stupid annoying chick that thinks she's better than us and tries to steal our seats when we got there first is there. I do not like her." And she was like "Awesome."

That bit of 12 year old girl recalling a conversation from yesterday was brought to you by how tired I am, and the fact that upside down traffic cones look like teeth.

Also, I've been listening to a large amount of Hanson lately, and every time I listen to them, I feel like a complete failure at life. I'm a year and five days younger than the youngest member of the band. I write illegal blogs at work, and get really excited about Hanson concerts. Where as he is world famous, married with a child, and is in a band. Deanna = failure at life (compared to Zac Hanson anyway).


today is awesome because word green underlined the sentence "Deanna = failure at life (compared to Zac Hanson anyway)." and told me that I was using the parentheses wrong.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

With a capital G

Since I have nothing else to do at the moment; I've been writing some novel, which will be posted on the webook page that I'm sure there is a link for in this blog somewhere but I will link to if I remember when I get home.

The chapter I'm writing is kind of weird and very nostalgic and I love it. And It got me thinking about all the weird things I used to do with my friends in middles school and the stupid nicknames we gave each other.

There was a point in 7th grade that we all decided we had to have an "M" name. Because most of our friend had middle names that started with "M," but eventually we all ended up having some really weird nickname that made no sense, like "JoBl" or "Dez" or "Pheebs." Most of these stuck for quite a while, and I still call my friend Christina "Pheebs," which I'm sure confuses people that read her wall posts. Especially since everyone else in the world calls her "Red."

There was also a weird thing we used to call things that are awesome, and this was saying "With a capital G!" at the end (example: This juice is delish, with a capital G!). The only thing we didn't say "with a capital G" after were things that had a g in them (If the juice in the last example was grape, no capital G). I have no idea how this started or why I continued to say this phrase until I was a sophomore in high school, but I did. And I kind of want to bring it back. This is mostly because I totally just said it to a person I work with on accident, and like every time I say something ridiculous (example: person "what are you doing right now?" me: "Eating a bagel, like an intern. I believe next I get to hit on Debra but I don't remember") they walk away and then email me what they were going to say because I'm almost to weird for them.

I think that "with a capital G" could be an awesome catch phrase (or if you will a catch phrase with a captial G!). It's kind of almost ridiculous, but aren't all catch phrases?

So here, on the blog that no one really reads, I'm declaring the return of the phrase "with a capital G." Use it. Love it.


Today is awesome because I woke up almost and hour late, and still got to work early. Win

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I found them

In my blog yesterday, I mentioned that I had lost my paperwork for my internship; I found it last night. I know you were all dying to know. ;)

Also yesterday I disclosed the possibility of a blog about serial killers, well, Noelles chose them as the topic this week, so I'll set up linkage on Friday to the Sassyvlog after I post over there.

I was thinking that I need to make a personal channel video, I haven't made one since like April, not that my personal channel videos are interesting or anything, I just think I should make one. I don't really have any ideas though.

I'm kind of bored right now, and I also don't have anything to do yet, which is always fun. But I also have nothing to blog about except that I found my internship paperwork and we are one step closer to an apartment than yesterday.


Today is awesome because it's Tuesday

Monday, July 27, 2009

Losing important things

So I think that I may have lost the paperwork for my internship. Which is completely my fault, but I'm going to blame the person that was supposed to send me a write up on what my position actually is and is now on vacation and hasn't yet, even though I asked like three weeks ago.

It's probs on my kitchen table, or on the total mess that used to be a desk, but I haven't really looked yet. I thought it was with the stuff on my very clean work desk, but that is a total un-truth.

My hand hurts less today, which is a win. And right now I'm waiting for my boss to get here so I have something to do that isn't writing a blog about how much she's going to want to murder me for losing all that paperwork that she had to fill out.

I'm going to Hanson in October, I know I said I wasn't going to go, but it's Hanson, and I love them, and it's in Boston. And who wouldn't want to walk around downtown Boston without shoes on with Hanson? I will risk getting the plague from my feet touching Boston streets for Hanson(DeCoolz = currently living in 1997).

In other fun news, we're getting closer to the all important apartment!! My friends/soon-to-be-roommates look at a couple more places that are possibilities. I'm uber excited!!!

I think I should let you know that depending on what Noelles picks for a topic of our sassy videos this week, there could be an awkwardly long blog about serial killers coming up. (DeCoolz=creepy)


Today is awesome because I think I'm quitting my weekend job today, but I may wait until Thursday. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Serious question

I was thinking about something lately, mostly because I'm highly self-conscious and concerned. And also constantly think that this is an issue.

If one of your friends smelled really bad, would you tell them?

I have this weird feeling that I always smell horrible. Its not like I don't shower or use soap or whatever, I'm just highly concerned that I smell bad. I always have.

I think it's been bothering me more now that I work within close proximately to people my dad works with, and will work with after I go back to school, and I don't want them to go up to my dad and be like "your daughter smells really, really bad. I'm so glad she's gone."

I will seriously have nightmares about this situation after I leave here. Horrible real life like visions that actually no one likes me, because I have this weird horrible smell that I'm not aware of and no one would tell me about it.

So, seriously, if your friend smells bad will you tell them? More importantly, if I smell really bad, will you tell me?

And that is the end of the story

Today is awesome, because I really don't know this smelling bad thing has been bothering me.

NOTE: None of my friends are smelly. Knowing how I feel about the smelling bad thing, I would totally pull you aside and be like "Dude, you smell bad." I promise.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Because I love The Who more than regular 22 year olds should

I know that my fascination with all things that happened before I was born, or in some cases, when my parents were in elementary school, is weird. I'll be the first to admit that my crush on Michael J Fox is weird, and that honestly I should only know The Who as they guys that sing the theme songs to CSI, or that Roger Daltrey was on That 70's show, the musical one, maybe I shouldn't actually know that, but it's awesome anyway.

Anyways, I vlogged on the sassyladies today (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YilMzDoV9VI) in which I discussed briefly the Rock Opera Tommy, in particularly the song "Pinball Wizard," which, in case you were unaware, is my favorite song. Ever. Of All Time. Since I was 12.

I told viewers of said video, that if they were interested I would blog, here, about the actual Rock Opera, since I ran out of time, and still managed to go over 10 seconds.

This week our videos are going to be about favorite songs, and the stories behind them. Since Pinball Wizard is not all about just a kid giving up his pinball crown to Tommy, I'm going to use Wikipedia, to explain it in the Deanna way.

The album is a little bit different from the movie, and since I haven't listened to the whole album, or seen the movie/opera I'm going to kind of combined them like wikipedia does (I only found out about it a year ago. And I have stuff to do.).

Basically there is a boy Tommy, in the movie played by Roger Daltrey, who witnesses his father kill his step-father (it's the other way around in the movie). His dad, then tells him that he didn't see anything, or hear anything, and isn't to tell anyone. Because of this event, Tommy becomes deaf, dumb, and blind to cope.

His parents (whomever the happen to be at this point) try to cure him by taking him to see different people, and there is some cult action going on. Also his parents neglect him, and he is beat and molested by family members. Which, I can imagine doesn't help the not talking situation.

The only thing that gives Tommy comfort is looking into a large mirror at himself. Late one night, he is lured into a junkyard by his reflection where he finds a Pinball machine, which he becomes intensely good at, and then there is a pinball battle with the local champ, who awesomely enough is played by Elton John , who is wearing the best outfit ever (Google that shit). Tommy beats the pinball wizard and becomes a folk hero.

His parents then take him to to therapist who suggests that his problems are all him his head (true). His mom is basically pissed about this, and throws the kid in to the mirror which shatters it and Tommy snaps back into "reality."

Tommy then starts to talk and enlighten, and his in the movie version his step father (I'm assuming in the album version it's his father) exploits his enlightenment abilities for money. And Tommy becomes a religious icon.

And then the big climatic ending happens, which I'm not going to give away. Mostly because you should seriously see the outfit Elton John wears in the movie. Seriously (Rainn Wilson wore it when The Who was Rock Honored last summer, that's the only reason I know about. But seriously, at least Google that Shit).

So basically, Pinball Wizard isn't just about an awesome pinball player. There's a back story, just like there is with most songs. Maybe this one is a little bit more crazy and ridiculous than most, but I felt the story needs to be told.


Today is awesome because my boss was mildly upset that I didn't have a crush on a person I work with. Which is kind of weird. I hearts her.

amazingly enough, I have nothing to do

Right now, I'm waiting for the guy that works in my department to get here so I might have something to do. My boss is doing new hires today, so she can't make me do anything.

Oh what fun it is to be an intern.

It's not their fault, I was a surprise intern, (I think I've been over this.)

In other news of the lame, I injured my hand again at the mb! I pulled a muscle on the pinky side of my left hand pulling stupid 35 packs of bottled water across my register. The best part of Saturday was trying to convince my bagger that my hand actually hurt, and I was totally going to drop this poor ladies cake if he didn't help me (stupid boys). Now I work in the safety department, so I know, like, the law about injuries and how their supposed to work, and the MB just completely failed at life when it comes to my hand, which BTW has happened twice in two weeks.

I just read a google news article about a couple that has the same name that met on facebook and are now getting married. My comment on this "hmm that's awkward, I would never marry someone named Deanna (their name is Kelly)."

I just realized I could totally be listening to music right now. It's incredibly tiring typing with one hand. :(


Today is awesome because I spent the first hour of my morning talking Harry Potter with my boss. Oh Harry (the book not the character. I hate Harry the character) how I ♥ you.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blogging from the workplace

So today I just kind of get to wait for the third person of the safety department to decided they want to be here, then I get to go climb on things. Which again, more exciting than it sounds.

Yesterday was interesting, but I can't really talk about it. Because technically, I'm not even supposed to know about it, but my boss likes me so I do. But man, it was amazing. One of those "Really, how the hell do you do that?!?!" kinds of injuries occurred. There are re-enactments and graphically detailed reports that need be written and I am mildly happy that I am just the intern and don't have to be involved with that.

Oh man, you don't even know.

That's really all I have to share with you.


today is awesome, because the convo about what happened yesterday is still going on, and I get to go out to a fancy restaurant with the head of the company for lunch today. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

sometimes I wish I could actually do internet-y things...

Like post pictures in my blog without it exploding.

When I can do that, I'll post up some of the pics I stole from Thursday's facebook of us at Harry Potter on Tuesday/Wednesday.

I'm currently at work, and I have nothing to do, so my boss told me to do whatever I wanted, so I'm writing a blog, because writing is always what I want to do. I just don't always have time because I love Harry Potter too much (maybe not "too much" but more than some people) and sleep to much. Both are very time consuming.

In about 45 minutes I'm going to watch my boss do an evaluation of an injury, which is actually going to be more awesome than it sounds. But I promise I won't blog about it.

I would like to say that I enjoy my job. I don't really have much to do, since this internship was mostly a surprise to everyone in this department, except me, I knew about it (and also my dad, but he doesn't work in this department, just at this facility).

I showed my boss* the pictures from STF and Harry Potter that were my "I really did what I said I was going to do with my day off/my boss wants to see my Ginny Costume pictures, and we were scrolling through them and she said "Oh my who are those Handsome men!" about STF member, which made me laugh a little to my self. I explained that one of them was my English Teacher from High School; and she was like "Oh so they're like old then." So not true, high school English Teachers can also be young people. But I enjoyed that exchange.

I feel I have wasted a significant amount of time on the Internet now. At least blog writing looks like real working to people walking by. :)


Today is awesome because I'm still on my Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince high, and Tom Felton is actually a good actor.

*I feel you should be aware that my boss is about 8 years old than I am, and we're basically the same person, except she has a really job with, like, stuff to do, and I'm her surprise intern.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Have you ever been just so annoyed with something that it eats away at you, but you can't talk about it because everyone thinks you're over reacting to a little thing that most likely didn't mean anything? Then you want to write about it in your blog, but you can't because the wrong person might read it and get mad (I've had this happen before, make sure you lock blog entries about how annoying you're roommate is).

The thing is I'm pissed about something, but I can't talk about because know one is home, and if they were they wouldn't care and the person I want to talk to is the problem.

asgfashgqewiutwiuwg <- frustration

In other news, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was awesome!!!!!
Maybe not awesome!!!!! but at least not as sucky as I thought it was going to be. It would get an excesses expectations on it's OWLS.

And that is the end of the story

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Because Jen did it,

and I must do exactly what Jen does to be a person. That's a lie, I just don't want to write anything about my internship for my internship class anymore.

In January, I decided that I would read 30 new book in 2009. So far, I'm almost done, so I'm going to make a list of what I have completed, and the ones on my bookshelf that I still have to read.

Author: Maureen Johnson
13 little blue envelopes
Keys to the Golden Firebird
Girl at Sea
The Bermudez Triangle
Suite Scarlet

Author: John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle
Let it Snow

Melissa Anelli
Harry, A History

Alan Lastufka and Michael W Dean
Youtube, an Insider's Guide to climbing the charts

Stephen King
On Writing

Simone de Beauvoir
Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter

Louise Rennison
Angus, thongs, and full frontal Snogging

Michael J Fox
Lucky Man
Always Looking up, the Adventures of an Incurable Optimist

Ann Brashares
Girls in Pants
Forever in Blue (the 3 and 4 sisterhood of the traveling pants books)

Currently reading

Chuck Klosterman
Sex, Drugs, and CocoPuffs

Scott Westerfeld

On the book self
Louise Rennison
On the Bright side, Now I'm the girl friend of a sex god
Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas

Scott Westerfeld
The Last days

Jodi Picoult
My Sister's Keeper

Friday, July 3, 2009

2 posts in one day?!?


I know, but I think I can talk about the sassy stuff now. Mostly because I posted a video about it, and I can't talk more about it because JenJen's at camp for the 4th and Georgie is working.

As readers of this blog are aware, I am a member of a collab youtube channel (if you don't go here and watch our videos http://www.youtube.com/sassyladysociety we're awesome).

Basically on Tuesday, our Friday, who is one of my best friends (in fact all the girls are my best friends, except Tuesday, she's my twin brother) called me and said that she won't be able to make her video this week. I told her not to worry about it. She's has some issues with her Internet and we all know walking into the project that there would be an issue with her, especially over the summer. She then said "No, I won't be able to make videos until late August."
Again, it was really no problem. She's going to get a blog and update us on her life and such.

Then yesterday, kind of out of the blue, but we knew she was having a hard time, our Thursday quit on us. Just told us that this would be her last video.

I kind of went into a panic mode; with our Friday, we call her Keith, it was easy to find a quick fix replacement for a few weeks, but to replace a person "mid season" in the middle of book club month was going to be hard.

Luckily, we have a few pretty hardcore fans (by "hardcore fans" I mean our 4 really close friends that aren't in the project). The one that I asked to fill in for Keith, said that she would take over for our Thursday. Thank Goodness.

I know this is kind of a weird "why are you complaining/worried about this it's just youtube" situation, but the Sassy Ladies mean a lot to me. I don't really know why, but at times I feel it means more to me than the other ladies, not trying to sound bitchy or say I'm better than anyone, but sometimes I feel like I care more about the project than other members.

Anyway, I "saved the Sassies" today. With the help of Noelles. and I wanted to talk about it, but my friends are busy doing other things so I couldn't talk to them. But, thankfully, I have you internet.

And that is the end of the story

Today is NOSOME because I can't return my broken Ipod.