Sunday, May 31, 2009

I think I should blog now

Hey blog land.

April took a lot out of my wanting to blog, so not that it's 2 hours til June, I figure I should start blogging again.

My life at home if boring, I miss my college friends, but I do have things to look forward to starting next week. The Improv Troupe Stranger that Fiction (STF) starts up on the 9th. Google them, you'll love them.

For STF Georgie and I make a mixed tape (basically) for them because we've been going to the shows for like 6 years now and you can only listen to "Video killed the Radio star" three times in an hour every Tuesday so many times before you start re-thinking be a fan of this improv group. So every week we make our own mix, which is pretty awesome and the group like them.

I should mention that one of the members of this group was our English Teacher, which I think is why they put up with us telling them there taste in music is crap.

I have been put in charge of making the cd for the July 14th show. As you know this is the day before the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. And Naturally, Georgie and I are going to the midnight release of said film, dressed the the nines as Luna Lovegood (Georgie) and Ginny Weasly (me). As far as I know, English Teacher will be sporting his Slytherin tie and there will be a could Hufflepuffs in the audience, as well as a lot of really confused old people wondering why half the audience is dressed like they attend a fictitious boarding school in the UK.

This CD must be all Wizard Rock, I mean what else could it be!?!?

This leads me to a dilemma. And that is wanting songs that are not available on Itunes, namely Fred, George and Myrtle, by Gred and Forge and the Moaning Myrtles. Why must this song only be available through a $60 monthly WRock EP from last year?? FML.

I have been putting a lot into a cd that no one is going to hear for like a month and a half. I don't put this much thought into like Christmas gifts.

That's kind of my life right now, I have to got to work early tomorrow, so I should probs go to bed.

and that is the end of the story

Today is awesome because hopefully one of you owns an MP3 of that song. And Really wants to share with me. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I miss my video game boys

Today, most of my boys leave for the summer.

Video Game Boy is leaving at 7, the Mustached one leaves right after we go look at apartments, and the Leprechaun is leaving like right now.

This is the first summer that I'm going to have people to really really miss. Like last year I missed JenJen, but she had a vlog, so I got to see her sometimes. My boys don't. I don't even think VGB has a computer at home. :(

I don't want college to ever end.

If you had told me at the end of my sophomore year that I wouldn't ever want this to end I would have laughed in your face. I hated it here the first two years, and part of my junior year, until I met the video game boys.

I'm going to see Star Trek with the boys that are left tomorrow night. So that will be an awesoem send off. But I'm going to be here alone for a week without my boys.

In other news, The Lorax and her bf broke up so I have to find a new nickname for him. I think I'll go with "Boy that won't buy me a new f-ing air mattress even though he broke it" but that my be too long.

And my fish died. I've had Brisco since the beginning of sophomore year. He was my only friend here for a while. People keep asking me how he died. I'm not really sure how to answer that, because he's a fish. I think I'm going to start saying he was murdered. Contract killing.

And that is the end of the story

Today is awesome because... I get to hear the stories about other people's fish. :)

RIP Lenny Brisco, the Fish 2006- 2009