Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm pretty sure I missed a week, possibly two.

But that doesn't mean you've missed anything! (Meaning my life if boring and boring and lame).

I hang out at walmart a lot. Now I did this before I worked there, but I do it a lot more now. I mean all my friends are there, and our Manager thinks it's funny to schedule us on opposite shifts because we asked to close together, so now I open and she closes. So I just chill at walmart until she goes to lunch so we can talk. I mean it's not like we don't get work done when we're together, there's just a lot more giggling when we are.

I'm also fairly convinced he secretly hates me. It's not my fault he gets super embarrassed when people say "condoms," and now I feel the need to say it all the time when he's near me because it's funny.

OH! Speaking of condoms, and walmart, I had a woman who was, like, 30ish, come through my line on Saturday. At first her whole order was batteries, totally normal happens all the the time, people by 9 billion packs of batteries. THEN it got weird. She ended up buying $290 worth of batteries and condoms. Try not to start giggling during a transaction like that, I dare you. It's really hard. My Supervisor told me I should get an award for not laughing, my Manager however, turned bright red and walked away.

That's basically my life right there. BUT this weekend I'm going to be doing some funny Harry Potter/awesome friend stuff. So that blog will at least be semi interesting. Until then though,

Today is awesome because all Tuesdays are awesome

Books read: 3
Currently reading: Finished The Hitchhicker's guide to the Galaxy 20 minutes go, so I don't know if I want to read something else or just into Restaurant at the end of the Universe.