Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's talk about Glee, because it's Thursday and I'm still mad

Okay, so I know there is A LOT going on in the world right now, crazy horrible things, but I'm going to talk about Glee, not because I don't care about everything else in the world, but because I'm in the same room as my mom, who is re-watching this week's episode, and I'm in a rage.

I know it's just a stupid television show, but honestly they had a real chance to make a difference about something that is a huge problem in the United States, and probably other places, and they didn't, if anything, they probably added to the problem. Am I saying the Glee could have single handedly stopped teenage/ underage drinking? No. What I'm saying is they gave some high school freshman who sees Rachel Berry as a role model the excuse they've been looking for to try it. 

It's not like the writers of the show don't know who their demographic is. Sure, people my age love this show, but so does my 15 year old cousin and her friends who have glee watching parties on Tuesday night after they do their homework. More than half the people I follow of tumblr are under 21, and if you've ever had the misfortune of being on Tumblr during Glee, you'd think nothing else has ever happened in the world other than that show. The writers of this show did not need to glorify underage drinking like it was. 

There needed to be consequences. During Blame in on the Alcohol, there is no way that a teacher would have looked at that group of kids and not noticed that there was something wrong with them. Mr. Schue spends an obnoxious amount of time with those kids, it doesn't take a genius to realize they were under the influence. After Tik Tok, when half the fucking Glee club vomited on stage, the Principal shouldn't have rewarded them. If he was stupid enough not to realize they were drinking, Schue should have said something. That's what my teachers would have done, that's what a responsible adult would have done.

Another thing that REALLY bothered me about this episode is how Mr. Schue's drinking was taken the same way as the glee club drinking was. Mr. Schue is what, 30ish? the glee club members may be in their mid twenties in real life, but on that show, they are 16/17 years old. They should not be telling him that because he does it, they should be allowed to. The first thing about out Mr. Schue's mouth when Quinn said that should have been: "You're a teenager, I'm an adult. when you turn 21 you can make the choice for yourself."

The only thing about this episode that I thought was responsible was Mr. Schue handing out his number to those kids. He's a least a (mostly) responsible person that the kids can trust. 

Glee had a social obligation  to it's viewers, and if they treated teen drinking, which kills people every day, the same way they treated bullying, it could have been a wonderful episode, and they could have used the same songs, instead they made it a joke, which really just pissed me off.

Watching that episode, I couldn't help but think of memorable teen drinking episodes of the shows of my childhood. The one I really remembered, was Boy Meets World. In that teen drinking episode, Cory and Shawn are arrested, while the experience hits home with Cory, it doesn't really with Shawn. In the Matthew's kitchen there is moment almost exactly like the moment in the Choir room when Cory says to his dad something along the lines of "You drink, why shouldn't I." Mr. Matthews says "Because I'm an adult and you're not." Like Mr. Schue should have, because that's what someone you look up to as a role model should say at that point in time.

 Throughout the rest of that episode (which I believes takes place over a week or so) Shawn continues to drink. He does worse in school. Mr. Feeny and Mr. Matthews step in with no real changes being made. Jack yells at him and finally Shawn hits his girlfriend Angela.  I was, like 9 or 10, the first time I saw that episode. I've seen it a whole bunch of times since, and honestly it's one of those moments when I know television changed something in me.

That moment is repeated over and over again for the last three seasons of that show. Every time Shawn drinks, or Cory drinks or Eric or Jack or anyone, the point of the show when Shawn hit Angela is brought up. It's re enforced in the kids watching the show, whether they were in high school or college, or like me, 13 watching that show, that there will be consequences for your actions.

I love Glee, a horrible plotless show, yes, but i still love it. I just really wish this episode played out a lot differently. 

today is awesome: because it's LAUNDRY DAY! 

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

BOW 11 week 7

Someday I'll have a life worth blogging about, until then, I'll continue living my fantasy life in the Sims.

I've been sick this past week, not every exciting at all, but I almost vomited on my manager during an important meeting which was the only reason I was at work that day. What else... Was Monday Valentines' day? Yeah, nothing happened for that either. I live a sad and pointless life, honestly.

I spend most of my time reading and watching Dexter. I'm almost done with The Once and Future King, I have like 100 pages left. I'm really enjoying it, I don't know why it's talking me so long to read it.

 -insert mildly entertaining story- I was reading on my break at the service desk whilst my manager was on the phone, or who knows what he was doing, anyways, there was this super funny part in the book, then, like, someone was horribly murdered, then more funny, and I made this like, cry/laughing/really awkward noise. I guess that he was the only one that heard it, because I looked up and he was just looking at me with this strangely confused look on his face and asked if I was going to make it. - end of almost entertaining story-

One month from today I will be in a hotel room with Thursday getting ready of the Yule Ball! I still have to take a picture of my prom dress.  That week I'll have plenty to blog about. :D, but until then...

I think I'll post a story next week? Is that alright with everyone? Doing it anyway, but figured I'd ask.

Today is awesome because I have fuzzy pajama pants and Ben and Jerry's

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm going to the TwiWizard Tournament. Bow #6

I'm going and I'm going with my friend Megan, who is part of a youtube collab with me. I'm so excited. I tried on my prom dress and somehow it still fits me (I have 18 pictures of Teddy Roosevelt saves on my computer, but zero of my Prom dress, it was 6 years ago, but still, maybe later though.).

I'm so excited. I bought my ticket yesterday. I told my seven year old boyfriend, Aidan (the boy who bought Harry Potter at the store a while ago, his mom calls me his girlfriend, so I just go with it.) He seemed more excited that I did, which is pretty remarkable, considering. He told me I have a ton of pictures to show him when I get back, of course I will, Aidan, of course I will.

What else is happening in my life...
I finally started editing my novel. I'm really glad that I took time off and stepped away from it for a while, but   I'm pretty sure I'm the worst writer ever to exist. I asked Maureen Johnson about this, and she says that it's normal, but seriously, it's, like, horrible. This manuscript needs A LOT of work. 

I'm really working hard on doing, you know, blog worthy stuff, but it never seems to happen that way, sorry I'm so freaking boring :/

today is awesome because it was a Deanna and Q closing night. I love working with Q.

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I'm still reading The Once and Future King, but I'm really almost done this time. I promise.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

bow 11 #5 Again with the suck

I'm going to tell you about yesterday, please tell me if I was wrong. I mean, I can see wrong-ness on both sides, but seriously tell me if I'm just being a complete asshole.

I really wanted to be positive this week, but I can't, not after the week I've had. As I mentioned before, I'm working the worst shift of all time, next to the most negative person of all time who is 100% obsessed with this guy we were working with to the point where I kind of wanted to slap her. It's no big secret that I love Jake Ryan, but I've become conscious of how much I talk about him now that I've hung out with her. Now I've become worried that I'm going to bother people by talking about him, and this makes me very sad.

Basically this girl is constantly negative. Every little thing can be spun and made negative by her, and if it's not negative, it's turned to make sound like this guy is just as obsessed with her as she is with him. My best girl friend (because my best friend is John Michael, and nothing ever in the world will change this) we're going to call her Q found out this guy had a girlfriend and told the other girl, so Negative Nancy decided that Q was actually trying to steal him from her, because that makes any sense at all, and because this is our freshman year of high school.

Without getting too far into it, yesterday morning sucked worse than any day ever, and it didn't help having Negative Nancy and her negativity and constant making everything the guy said about her near me, and I freaked out. So I walked away. I just couldn't take it anymore. I walked away, which is the mature, adult thing to do, rather than freak out and yell at them and get fired.

Ten minutes later, it's lunch TEN MINUTES. I don't know about you guys, but two weeks of build up leading to a massive explosion has never cooled off in ten minutes, and you can't exactly rush these things. She ended up crying, which makes me feel bad, because that was not my intention, the girl is my friend, and I didn't want to make her cry, I wanted to cool down and not punch her.

She went and made a HUGE DEAL about something that wasn't a big deal and on break went on the sales floor crying, which got me in trouble, and called into the assistant managers office.

(Side assistant manager note: I am almost a year older than my assistant manager, and although he is in an "authority figure" I have a very hard time taking what he says seriously, mostly because all the other assistant managers then contradict him, and he asked me to stay until midnight on Wednesday when I work from 5 am to 2 pm, and he once asked me how to do a credit card transaction, and he throws things at me. And I'm older than him.)

I was called to the Principal of Walmart because I didn't punch someone.

The person in the office ended up not being the assistant manager, but the head of the front end, so it was less awkward to explain what was going on, but I honestly think it would have been kind of funny to explain girl drama to him, because he gets embarrassed easily, because he's a 23 year old guy.

Thankfully, she understood, and sort of sided with me and understood that it got blow WAY out of proportion and really wasn't something worth crying or getting management involved. I basically explained through out mediator, since we're 11 and needed one, that I just needed some space so I didn't kill her. She understood this, but for some reason getting called into the assistant managers' office to be scolded at work for something so stupid, kind of pissed me off.


I went for drinks with Q and a friend that I work with now but I went to high school with, so I've known her forever (I'm going to come up with a list of blog code names, and post them later this week so I don't have to keep calling everyone "person I know" or "my friend." Negative Nancy and the guy were there, along with some other person. I didn't see them, but I had no intention of sitting with them anyway. I was still angry about getting scolded and just needed to get away from her. You can't be around someone for 2 weeks straight without everything that bothers you about them to just make you want to explode. I just... just need some space. Was it a little bit childish to not sit with them? Yes. Was it childish to involve Q? Yes. (Q was already pretty involved, since Negative Nancy accused her of trying to steal the guy and tell me that she kind of wished Q wouldn't get involved in her love life, even though she asked her to.) Did NN need to text all of us repeatedly asking us why we weren't sitting with her and asking if we were all still friends like we're in middle school? No. That part only added to my growing ball of annoyance.

I'm not saying we'll never be friends, honestly, I really like her, I like having her as my friend, but if she's going to act like we're 12 and get people involved that don't need to be involved. I just need some time off from our friendship right now. I can't be around her all the time, it will drive me insane.

Today is awesome because It was a drama and walmart free day!

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I should finish it this week, I love this book, it's just talking forever and a day to read it.