Saturday, October 9, 2010

I just met Kristina Horner.

Like four hours ago, seriously.

Photo graphic evidence: 

I went to the Triple Rainbow show in Boston which was at the awesomely convent time of 3 in the afternoon. I met a new person, and now we are twitter friends :) It was exciting. 

ANYWAY the show WAS AWESOME. My camera died right before ALL CAPS came on but, you know, that's my life. I did record some Jason Munday, Mike Lombardo and Alex Carpenter  and most of Snape vs. Snape I think so we do get some Luke and Kristina. I haven't uploaded it to the computer yet, just one Jason Munday song which will be posted HERE: NOTE: when you click on this the girl sitting next to me FLIPPED OUT and is SCREAMING, so adjust the volume on your computer accordingly or you won't have ear drums. JS.

I'll be posting more when I have time, which means Tuesday. 

FAVORITE quotes: Mike: At the merch table we even have Jason Munday light up swords. 
Everyone else on the tour: LIGHT SABERS!!!!!!!!

Man: So you guys know the band?
People waiting for the concert: We like to think we do.

today is awesome... hmm... let me think... today is awesome because I met one of the people that got me to write why today is awesome at the end of my blogs. AND Luke is far too attractive seriously

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