Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Accomplishments and new goals

I'm sorry in adavance, this is kind of long.

Hi, I'm kind of making this a recap and set new goals for myself blog. I really don't have any real news of any sort to discuss. Nothing exciting really ever happens to me, but I like to try to keep this blog thing going. It's fun, and such. I have trouble keeping up with them, and I kind of feel like I have to keep some kind of journal to be a real writer, but anyways, back to my point.

Project for awesome was last week, and my video had over 100 views and 50-something comments, I was pretty excited about that. I knew I wasn't going to get spammed by the nerdfighters or anything, but i was still very excited about the comments and views I go. I was in the live chat some of Thursday and most of Friday. On Thursday Hayley G Hover said she liked my user name, she said "Misuseofairqoutes, that's one of the best user names I've seen today, and I've seen a lot!" That kind of made my day.

Now to the core of this blog:

I said at the beining of the year that I would read 25 books, and I have completed this mission. At the end of this, I will leave a list of the books that I've read in 2009.

I also promised myself that I would make progress on a novel, and have a first draft done by the end of the year. That didn't so much happen, but I did win NaNoWriMo this year, and I have a pretty soild most of a first draft of that book going. I'm still working on Universe, getting bits and pieces together. I haven't come close to givng up on it, but not having to write every day for class kind of slowed my writing down a bit.

I have new goals of 2010, which I feel if I don't get them down somewhere I'll forget about them, and I'll let it all go to the wayside. I'm uping my books read goal to 30, easily doable, especailly with the amount of books I've asked for for Christmas. I am always open to new books as well, so if anyone has any suggestiongs, leave them as a comment, or something. I'll read pretty much anything.

My other media related goal is to make more youtube videos. Although I made a video every week for 10 months this year, I only posted 8 videos on my personal channel. I'm going to start aiming of at least bi-weekly videos. I have a couple weird/funny videos that I plan to make, and I want to vlog more. I enjoy the youtube experice, the whole culture of it, and I really want to feel like I have more of a part in it. So my goal is to come out of 2010 with at least 20 videos on my personal channel. I think I'm going to do vlog-everday-November, along with my NaNo next year. Don't qoute (mis-spelled on purpose my friends) on it, but I think I'm going to try.

I also want to have a full first draft of Universe done no later than April. That way I can have someone, My roommate, or Jen, or someone like that read it, edit it, and give me ideas to improve it, so that I can re-group, and hopefully send out a solid second draft to a few publishers by the end of the year. My life goal is to be published. I have to start somewhere.

Anyway, those are my goals for next year. If you have any book suggestions, let me know. Also, if you have any cool video ideas that you wouldn't mind sharing, I would LOVE those too.


My 2009 book list!
Author: Maureen Johnson

13 little blue envelopes
Keys to the Golden Firebird
Girl at Sea
The Bermudez Triangle
Suite Scarlet
Author: John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle
Let it Snow

Melissa Anelli
Harry, A History
Alan Lastufka and Michael W Dean
Youtube, an Insider's Guide to climbing the charts
Stephen King
On Writing
Simone de Beauvoir
Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter

Louise Rennison
Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging
On the Bright side, Now I'm the Girlfriend of a Sex God
Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas
Michael J Fox
Lucky Man
Always Looking up, the Adventures of an Incurable Optimist

Ann Brashares
Girls in Pants
Forever in Blue (the 3 and 4 sisterhood of the traveling pants books)

Laurie Halse Anderson

Chuck Klosterman
Sex, Drugs, and CocoPuffs

Scott Westerfeld
The Last days

Jodi Picoult
My Sister's Keeper

Today is awesome because I can get amazing internet connection in the attic of the apartment, and the window over-looks the kind of cute snow covered houses on our street.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I think I've calmed down enough from yesterday's class to talk about Adversting class.

So yesterday, after working my ass off on a big project for my advertsing class, we got them back. Our teacher, who is a horrible person, just so we are all on the same page, started our class by saying: "I had the SWINE FLU this weekend, is it was very hard to get these done."


Then she spent the rest of the class period telling us how horrible we all are at completing our projects, that firstly, she didn't even come close to explaining, and assigned a extra piece THE DAY IT WAS DUE! Who the F does this!?!?!

One member of my group wasn't in class on Monday, so she decied that would be the perfect project to rip apart so that he couldn't defend what he worked for 3 hours a day for the last two weeks on. I spents a good twently minutes explaining what he was trying to say with his ad. She also told us that we were supposed to have different projects, but work in groups, but not have the same information. So the newspaper group had three different options on what the newspaper ads should look like and that wasn't good enough for her.

She expects us to just know how to be an ad. exec and we barely understand the material. I don't understand what she wants from us. I mean, we all worked our asses off on this project. We were working with outside people because the teacher wouldn't help us, but no matter how much effort we put into our work it's never good enough for her.

I'm really glad that I waited a day to wrtie this, because I was really pissed off yesterday. In web design, which half my adversting class is in, all we talked about what we could have done differently in the project. The people in the radio group, and my group of newspaper people were the ones that gotr picked on most, so all just kind of vented to each other about how well we thought we did and how no matter what, we were going to fail.

This is my third class with her, and I've actually taken this class twice, because last year, some bad things happend around this time and I just couldn't ge the project done. She is truly a horrible, horrible person.

And that is all I have to say about this.

We had a webdeisgn expo today, where we got to show off our websites that we made in class. That was fun, it was cool to see what we were all working on all semester. We actually made our teacher cry with happiness at how awesome we all are. None of us really had no idea what we were doing, and most of our websites were kind of sad looking.

And that is the diffence between a good teacher, and a bad teacher.


today was awesome because I realized that there are 22 people in my life that also hate this particular teacher as much as I do.