Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Deanna did today.

If I'm not pressured to blog, I tend not to, so sorry I've been neglecting you.

Today I did something really cool, but it needs a back story. Last Thanksgiving, my Dad joined what he calls a Biker gang. It's not a gang its the American Legion Military Veterans Motorcycle club. Because they are veterans organization, they are told about things that non-veterans don't know about, like when the planes are landing in the old Air Force base near my house. These planes contain men and women either going to or coming home from the wars in the Middle East.

I mentioned in my last post that a man (I guess, weird) that I went to school with, that I've known since I was seven recently came home, and that I have one friend (well, the husband of my mom's best friend's daughter) is currently in basic in Alaska, he'll be going over in April.

Today I got to see a group of men off to their deployment. The old Air Force base in Southern New Hampshire is a refueling stop for many flights heading overseas so we, the greeters have the change to say "Thank You and good luck" to the people leaving, and "Welcome Home" to those coming back.

The base here and one in Bangor ME are the only ones that welcome soldiers home, and say good bye to them. I personally, I think that's wrong. Shouldn't every airport these people who are fighting for us have someone say "Hey welcome home" no matter where they are? This isn't 1968.

Anyway, It was weird, emotional, really emotional. Shaking their hands and saying thank you for what they'll be doing for us. I guess because it's everything I never got to say to the kid from my class before he left, or when I saw him in the store.

I hope I get to do it again.


Friday, September 17, 2010

This post may make me sound insane.

But how many of my posts make me look not insane? Answer: zero.

Note: this blog may contain Harry Potter Spoilers, so if you don't want to be Spoiled, don't read on.

I was reading the other day, most like on Wikipedia, or some other such credible source, that wizard children aren't required to go to muggle school previous to attending Hogwarts. I've always kind of wondered about this. Mostly because of how Mr. Weasley acts and how pure blooded wizards seem so out of the loop when it comes to muggle things.

Because I'm Deanna, I was thinking about this, and about how my future children with Fred Weasley (*cough* I'm not insane *cough*) or, you know other wizard children, would be raised.

In reading Harry Potter, and mostly seeing Mr. Weasley, I think it may be important for children of wizarding families to have some kind of muggle education. It's up to grade 5 or 6 I believe. I think that it would be good for wizard children to know the basics of the muggle world. I mean, there isn't much purely wizarding world left, really. Well that we know of in 1998. Only certain towns (right?) so most likely wizard children are going to grow up around muggles. Wouldn't it be a good idea to let wizard children and muggle children learn the basics together, then went school starts to get harder and more specialized then you send your kid to Hogwarts, or whatever.

I love Mr. Weasley, but I don't want my children to be like him, you know, all fascinated with the muggle world because they never got to live in it or explore it.

Wow, I'm completely insane.

Today is awesome because sometime next week there is going to be a SKYPE PARTY!!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I work in retail. just murder me with a spoon.

Unlike every other blog post I've ever written, this one is going to be filled with angst and hatred toward things. (please read the previous statement in the most sarcastic tone you can.)

As the title suggests, or you know, I work in retail, at a fun little place called Wal-Mart. I've worked at several other retail stores in my day, Barnes an Noble, Kohls, K-Mart, a small grocery chain, and basically this has made me hate people.

Wal-Mart has given me new people to hate.

Living in this part of the Shire, I've never really been fond of the students at a particular prestigious high school near by; mostly because they like to run in front of on coming traffic and think the world owes them because they're smart. I've yet to meet a person, that isn't fictional, who attended that school who isn't a totally fucking fuck.

Its like they've never been in a store before. I had one girl today that literally filled all my bags and had stuff on top of the turn-y thing, AND a poster leaning up against my register, AND a fucking pole. There were people behind her in line. AND SHE JUST STOOD THERE TALKING TO PEOPLE.

I said "Excuse me, but can you please take some of your bags so I can ring in my next order. I don't have any room."

And she said "Hold on a sec, I'm busy." then continued to talk to her friend, then turned around and said "Oh are you waiting for me *giggle*" and then I stabbed her 47 times in the face.

That last part may not be true, because I would have been fired.

ALSO a lady told me that I "don't look like the kind of person that passes up pie."
Thanks for calling me fat old woman, thanks.

I hate my job. I hate it SO hard.

But my shirt should be here soon and I get paid tomorrow so I can buy new shoes.

But, I did see a guy from my class who was over seas, whom I didn't know was home. It was from a distance, but it was nice to know he was home, and gets to be with his wife and daughters. I don't think he was home for the birth of either of his children. We need to bring one more home and then I can start watching the news again.

Today is awesome because I know Chris is home, and really, that's be best thing I've heard in a long time.

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Monday, September 6, 2010



Did you miss me? Probably not, but I missed you guys. :)

Since I've "gone" I found some new blogging friends on tumblr, but, SERIOUSLY, not as awesome as you guys. I love you guys.

What have I done this last week? Oh yeah, I worked. OH and got PAID. *weird high pitched voice* MONEY. I have on the way to me a nice green StarKid t-shirt.

I am also going to the Triple Rainbow show in Boston  Oct 9th. Uberly excited.

I also have a friend! I think I talked about here toward the end of BEDA but I have a real life friend. Someone who I didn't go to school with who can't make fun of me for being weird because she doesn't even KNOW about the weird yet. Poor her... We're going out tomorrow night. I'm excited. I haven't gone out to a bar, umm, ever? Yeah ever. I'm 23 btwz.

Quick story: Spent my 21st birthday, which was a Saturday, in Salem MA standing next to the memorial for Giles Corey, telling people about him. *cough* uber lame English nerd *cough* Giles Corey is my HERO. If anyone deserves HERO WORSHIP, it's Giles Corey.

In other things, my High School English Teacher has a play coming out in two weeks. More on this later when I actually know more about it. All I really know is that there are robots. He keeps tweeting about Robots.

I think this is where we part of the evening. I'm far too tired for 9:30 at night.

today is awesome because I own a purple dress.

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