Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Everyone is someone's biggest fan, I just happen to be yours

Tonight was the third Tuesday of the summer.

To regular people, summer technically started yesterday, but for me, summer started on the 8th with the first Stranger than Fiction show of the season. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I LOVE STF and everything about them, if you are a new reader, I'll explain real quick.

STF is an improv comedy troupe based out of Portsmouth NH, My High School English Teacher is among it's members. I have been attended the shows religiously since 2004. You can't really explain it much more than that unless you see the shows.

Anyway, after being mildly traumatised by Jon Wellington, (btw it's worth the $12 cover charge to see Jon Wellington live, again it's something you just need to see.) I stood outside to talk to the cast because I haven't talked to my High School English Teacher since December (I know that seems odd, but High School English Teacher and I have a weird relationship) and I missed talking to him at the graduation on Friday.

Until tonight, I wasn't formally introduced to the new cast members, I've been told I'm talked about regularly, which is weird, but whatever, everyone's famous for something.Tonight High School English Teacher turned to one of the new people and said: "Have you met Deanna? She's our biggest fan."

It's cool to be recognized for something, even if it's something like going to over 50 improv shows.

High School English Teacher told me that with the new website that should be up this week, (with everything High School English Teacher does, I'll believe that there is a new website when I see it) that they were thinking about having a "biggest fan" part, which according to him, would without a doubt be me he said: "You'd have to stop coming to shows for a while for {BP's Mom} to even come close to seeing as many shows as you." 

How cool would that be, he told me to think of something that I could put up on the sight, maybe I could do pictures or a little mini blog or inside jokes or something. I mean there's just so much that I love about them, and the fact that it's not just High School English Teacher, but other members of the cast the recognize that I spend a lot of time and money going to these shows, that I truly love them, that I've seen more shows then their parents or wives/husbands, it means something.

I got a tweet a little while ago, when I wasn't even thinking about STF, from High School English Teacher, it said something along the lines of "FYI STF speaks of you highly and often, you're officially our biggest fan from many years running."

I'm just glad I could be a part of it. Even if it's just from the front row of the audience.

Today was awesome because it is Tuesday, and frankly, Tuesday has always been my favorite day of the week

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Currently (re) Reading: A Prayer of Owen Meany by John Irving

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