Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm going to the TwiWizard Tournament. Bow #6

I'm going and I'm going with my friend Megan, who is part of a youtube collab with me. I'm so excited. I tried on my prom dress and somehow it still fits me (I have 18 pictures of Teddy Roosevelt saves on my computer, but zero of my Prom dress, it was 6 years ago, but still, maybe later though.).

I'm so excited. I bought my ticket yesterday. I told my seven year old boyfriend, Aidan (the boy who bought Harry Potter at the store a while ago, his mom calls me his girlfriend, so I just go with it.) He seemed more excited that I did, which is pretty remarkable, considering. He told me I have a ton of pictures to show him when I get back, of course I will, Aidan, of course I will.

What else is happening in my life...
I finally started editing my novel. I'm really glad that I took time off and stepped away from it for a while, but   I'm pretty sure I'm the worst writer ever to exist. I asked Maureen Johnson about this, and she says that it's normal, but seriously, it's, like, horrible. This manuscript needs A LOT of work. 

I'm really working hard on doing, you know, blog worthy stuff, but it never seems to happen that way, sorry I'm so freaking boring :/

today is awesome because it was a Deanna and Q closing night. I love working with Q.

books read 1.
I'm still reading The Once and Future King, but I'm really almost done this time. I promise.

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