Monday, January 3, 2011

Because Maggie Asked

Maggie said...

I think you can manage it. What have you considered in terms of jobs? What type of thing do you want to be doing? (Besides writing novels, of course. I already know you like doing that. XD)
I get asked this a lot, like, everyday, mostly in the form of "You have an English degree? Why aren't you teaching?" The only time it wasn't phrased that way was when I was asked by my High School English teacher, because if I ever became a teacher, he'd be the first person to die of shock, I'm legitimately that socially awkward and afraid of people. So I'm going to answer it, in blog form.
In the summer of 2009, I worked as an intern for the safety department of a big company, my basic job was to re-write the safety procedures and other such things, and I was pretty much the personal assistant of the head of the safety department. It was awesome. 
I would LOVE to do something along those lines again. Writing, being in an office, not standing at a cash register all day, having a normal 9-5 or 7-3 or whatever. I even enjoyed being the assistant. It was new, different, I actually looked forward to going to work. I would live to work for that company again, seriously, if I got that chance I would jump on it.
At this point, honestly, I'd settle for an office like job where I wasn't required to wear blue all day everyday.
I hope that made sense. Ideally, in 10 years I see myself being a sane version of Maureen Johnson. 
Oh, also I've decided to jump on the BOW 11 train, so you can expect more unquality, rambling, obnoxious blog posts for THIS GUY!
Today is awesome because my room is unbelievably organized right now.
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  1. That sounds like an excellent job. I honestly asked because my mom also has an English degree. She was a student teacher for a year or two, or teacher's assistant, I'm not sure.

    She has always said that she was lucky to end up with her job, which is working for a big company writing their newsletter (of course she didn't start out there, but that's where she ended up.)

    She didn't have any guidance as a student or a graduate, and I think it is very good for you to think about what you want to end up doing, rather than just let life take you where it will.

  2. Whats BOW?

    Also, i don't know, maybe you just made it clear right from the start but i never assumed someone with an English major would become a teacher... or maybe its cuz the teachers i know aren't English teachers...

  3. I'm on my way to become an English teacher, so I half-understand where you're coming from, so I'm glad you have a plan that makes you happy. I can't wait to read more BOW '11 (Blog Once Weekly in 2011) posts like this from you!

    @Laura Check this out!