Wednesday, February 4, 2009

more novel drama

So I think I have figured out my major issue with From the Center of Our Universe (which is my novel). Mostly its that the big important event hasn't happened yet, and therefore I feel nothing is happening. In reality, a ton of stuff has happened to forward the plot, but it's not to the part that I really want to write yet. But I can't just start at that part, because the story wouldn't make sense.

It's also becoming increasingly difficult to type with this broken thumbnail. It's starting to grow back which makes it hurt even more.

Also in related novel news: yesterday I was supposed to go to this bar in town with the other 5 people in my class and discuss our work. There are several issues with this. First I think I'm the only one that takes my work seriously enough to see that $3 pitcher night is not the best day to sit and discuss literature. Second I'm pretty sure my classmates don't like me. And third, I'm not about to sit and watch people I know drink and a bar when we're supposed to be working and then get in their cars and drive back to campus. It's not happening, I'm not going to be involved in something like that, and I don't want to have to deal with all that again.

So anyway, I still think my book sucks, but I also think that most people don't really like what their writing in the first draft anyway.

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