Sunday, February 22, 2009

what I learned over vacation

Over vacation I over heard something that I wasn't supposed to know about, not because it's a secret or its somebody talking about me, but because the people I work with didn't want to upset me.

I work in a super market, mainly as an AM cashier. If you have ever been in a supermarket in the morning you've most likely noticed that its a bunch of old people, well I'm one of those old people.

My favorite of these old people are Oscar, who is like 105 and mad about it, and Nanci an adorable southern belle from North Carolina who grew up as an Army brat who is old enough to be my grandmother.

I overheard one of the other cashiers telling a customer that Nanci has cancer, and unless there is some kind of miracle she's going to die. Most everyone else found out around Thanksgiving but when I asked where she was over Christmas Break no one would tell me. I think this is because the person I asked knew how upset I was over losing a friend like two weeks before and didn't want me to become more upset. But I love Nanci. Like I really really love Nanci, she made my job enjoyable and anybody following me on twitter last week knows how much I HATE my job.

Right now I'm afraid that she's going to die and I'm going to be here, and I won't ever know what happened to her. The store already feels so empty without her presence. I really can't imagine working there if there isn't going to be a possibility of Nanci coming back.

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