Saturday, February 28, 2009

Devilish, by Maureen Johnson

Yesterday after dinner I sat down to start reading a novel by Maureen Johnson. If you me, you will be aware that Maureen Johnson is my hero and my lady crush.

Anyway, I started reading Devilish, which when I read the back I was like "This is going to we weird." because basically the entire plot is a girl sells her soul to the devil to become popular after throwing up on some people in the middle of the most important school assembly of the year.

As I started to read this, I was like "maybe she doesn't mean the devil, maybe she means like 'popular kids.'" But no, twas the devil.

Three hours later I was done. The whole book, beating my finishing a book in sitting recorded, only getting up for food and bathroom breaks by 18 hours (Order of the Phoenix) .

Of the Maureen Johnson books I have read. This is the best. Better than the Lesbian book that I loved so much. (The Bermudez Triange I still recommend that one a lot as well. )

I'm really one to be excited about books with Devils and soul selling, but it was an amazing read. There were parts that hurt my brain, but Miss Johnson, really made the whole idea that someone could just sell there soul seem like an every day occurrence.

This book is wonderfully written and an amazingly quick read, which I wasn't expecting. Maureen Johnson made me do something I thought only J.K. Rowling was capable of. <-- This is Maureen Johnson's website. Check it out. I'm fairly certain you won't be disappointed with any of her Novels. (I still have two to read, but I'm fairly certain they are also good :) )

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