Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Breakfast

I sat there alone in the cafeteria sipping a luke warm cup of coffee, when slowly they all started to appear over half wall at the far end. I'd already eaten my breakfast. But I figured I had nothing else to do all day, so I might as well wait for my friends, a little conversation never killed anyone.

I waited patiently for everyone to get their eggs, bacon, toast, and pancakes, and make their way over to the second to last booth by the windows.

"I think we're going to need two tables. Help me pull this over."

I did what I was asked, and one friend and I sat at the edge of the booth, looking and feeling rather awkward at our giant table. Slowly our giant table filled up with friends and girlfriends of friends, that in our group had become friends themselves, maybe even better friends than their boyfriends were.

We squeezed eighteen people into our table. The booth were I sat normally held eight, but now somehow comfortably fit ten. We smiled and laughed. My friends ate their cheese filled eggs and I sipped my cold coffee.

As I looked over the table, all my friends lined up, I thought about how amazing this was. A year ago I would have been sitting alone, watching in envy as these people ate with two tables pushed together. But now I was a part of it.

I've become one of the popular kids.

Not the kind that plays sports or goes to big parties every night, but the kind that has what the high school popular kids never had.


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