Monday, February 2, 2009

I forgot I had this blog.

With all the 6 thousand other things I do daily (most of them include sleeping, listening to music, and writing my novel), I forgot I had this blog. I haven't updated my other one like I planned to do regularly either, but I'm working on this. I spend so much of my time writing that one would assume I would be good at keeping a blog or diary as well. Well this is not true.

I've heard so many different writer talk about how you're supposed to have a diary if you're a true writer, but these people also say that one most have a fairly good grip on spelling and grammar to be a good writer as well. I personally think that this is why spell and grammar check were invented. And I've tried hundreds of times to keep a diary and I just end up with a ton of empty fancy notebooks with one or two entries in each.

I'll keep working on it though, maybe having to write down everything I do in a day will make me do more things. After all there is more to life than the fictional world in my head and the collective works of Maureen Johnson and John Irving.

and that is the end of this story

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