Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm a rambler

I wish I could blog about real things, like stuff going on in the real world things. It's not like they don't care about them, but I I don't really form opinions about them. I mean bad things happen all the time and my friends tell me about them and they're outraged, and I'm like, "some creepy old guy asked me if I was married today."
(that actually happened today btw he asked if I was married and then started to talk to me about the price of potatoes, it was so weird.)

What I want to talk about is the cat bite on my arm and how I do not like my brother, and the how nice it is to have more than one friend. I've never really had anyone to sit in the break room with on a regular basis, it's kind of cool, but imagine this, he's leaving too.

I do not deal well with change, I'm barely used to the status quo. This next month is going to suck. I'll probably have a nervous breakdown at some point because the new manager doesn't run things like our manager does. I mean, it's going to take forever to have the "look at you and know what's wrong" type of relationship with this new person. And that's if this person even likes me, which they probably won't. Most people think I'm weird and don't really talk to me. This is why I'm excited that I have two friends. The raptor is going get so much worse when our manager leave, and everyone has been saying that they think it will go away.

And this cat bite, it's oozing puss and big and red and my dad says it's fine but he cut his thumb off once and taped it back on with duct tape, so he might be a bad person to seek medical advice from.

My brother, well, that's a whole different blog post, maybe later.

Today is awesome because my Store Manager said hello to me, and I started raptoring and he was laughing to hard to explain to the other store managers touring our store today what just happened.

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