Thursday, August 4, 2011

In which Deanna talks Sims.

Know what's awesome? Sims Medieval.

I play a lot of Sims, mostly because I have few real life friends and I enjoy killing my enemies (only fictionally of course I recently threw Jake Ryan in to the pit to be eaten by the Beast that lives under my kingdom for no reason. I mean, I had a reason, but it wasn't like his Sim did anything wrong. He was a good Blacksmith). Anyway, in March, I bought the Sims Medieval, and besides that fact that my computer likes to delete my games about half way through ambitions, it's quite a lot of fun, and better than regular Sims.

Have any of you played it?

I feel like it's less addicting than regular Sims, because there's specific tasks that make it easier to stop. I like that you can play as different people of different classes and I enjoy that I can play several families at once, and that I don't have to teach toddlers how to walk or potty train them.

The reason I've decided to make a mostly pointless blog post about the Sims is because I've been playing it since I got home from work, and no matter how often I play it, I always think, this game is so much more awesome than other Sims, and I felt the need to share that.

Today is awesome because I got to hang out with my friends in the break room today. It's always awesome to hang out with my friend.

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