Thursday, August 6, 2009

The room/hallway that locks

Hi, and welcome to another edition of ridiculous things Deanna is afraid of.

In this episode we're going to discuss being locked in rooms that:
a.) lock from the inside. and
2.) even though there is a key on the outside of the door, no one notices that its there expect me.

This room happens to be the conference room/hallway that is next to my office. This room has doors on either side of the room which are sometimes shut for no reason, and sometimes shut because there is a meeting going on. One can never be sure which situation is occurring, especially people on this side of the building, because the people in meetings always forget to open this door, and therefore we have to go around only to discover that there actually isn't anyone in the room and become slightly annoyed. Not that its a big building or anything, its just as Americans, we appreciate shortcuts.

Anyways, the door has a key in the knob, and every time the door closes, I want to turn the key and lock people inside. The door also has a unlocking mechanism on the inside of the room, so the locked in person would probs just be like "wtf" and unlock the door.

But because of this, I'm afraid that other people know that I have this twisted day dream, and therefore when I'm in there, they will lock me in there also.

This fear was at it's max yesterday when I was part of the safety meeting in the hallway/room.
Please note that all but one person that works in this building in in the meeting, and that person wasn't here. And still I got all creeped out that, in fact, someone was going to get into this building and lock us all in the room.

It was the longest, most terrifying hour of my life. But no one would lock the safety committee into a room, that's kind of ridiculous. None one thinks about locking people into rooms expect me.

And that is how my brain works. You're welcome.


today is awesome because (I've noticed that this section is usually why yesterday was awesome) because yesterday when I was leaving work, awkward guy hand pounded me and then said "hand fireworks, just for you." to which I decided that only acceptable response was "thanks I'll cherish it forever." Then exited the building. Equal parts awkward and amazing.

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