Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today I reveal the untrue fact. I must say that I'm intensely bad at these "pick the untrue thing about me!!" things because, frankly, I've done some really ridiculously weird shit in my life, so my untrue fact maybe be sadly disappointing, and I am sorry.

I have met John and Hank, as well as both of their wives.
TRUE: interesting story, the Paper Towns tour, Boston stop, I sat two seats over from, and talked to the Yeti. I talked to her before I knew she was the Yeti. Secret Brother Tom, made her stand up at one point in the thingy, and there was an audible gasp, and I turned to my friend, who isn't a nerdfighter but agreed to go with me and said "Oh my fucking God I just had like a three minute convo with the Yeti."
I high fived Hank and got to say hello to The Katherine, but The Yeti part was the most amazing thing ever.
BTW she is really, really, ridiculously pretty.

I once stayed at the same hotel as Snoop Dogg

TRUFACT: In Ireland actually, Here is photo graphic evidence:

That's right, I took this, and honestly I didn't really care, but whatevs, other people think it's cool

I met most of the friends I had in college on a trip to the bathroom
TRUFACT I have actually met, probably all the people I know in real life because I had to go to the bathroom. They attacked me, and hugged me, and then we became friends, and now I talk to 2 of them.

I once had a beta fish, Brisco, that lived for 3 years.
UNTRUE: Brisco lived for 4.5 years I got him shortly before I started college. He died, not joking, the last day of classes my senior year of college

I have a drawer full of spoons that I have collected *cough*stole*cough* from various restaurants
TRUEFACT: FILLED. I will take a picture of it to show you if I can get it open

I wear a bracelet on my wrist to signify the love I have for a fictional character who saved my life
TRUEFACT! A Prayer for Owen Meany, saved my life. I can honestly say that if I wasn't assigned to read that book that day, by that teacher, I wouldn't be alive. Owen Meany means so much to my life, that when I will be saving money to get part of the first line tattooed onto my arm so I don't have to wear the worn out ripped faux leather bracelet anymore.

There is rarely a day I don't wish to fall asleep and not wake up at 15 and have a do over
TRUEFACT: Wednesday, meaning, yesterday, was the first time in a while I didn't wish I could just start over at 15. That was the year I broke my ankle, the year life started to seriously suck. I would be in a way different place in my life if I could just re-do fifteen.

I have lived on both coasts of the United States
TRUEFACT: I lived in California until I was 18 months old or something, I don't remember it, but I lived there. My mom has pictures.

Sorry that I suck at this, but it was fun and I loved reading all of your "secrets" getting to know all my fellow BEDA-er's better.

today is awesome because I'm covered in highlighter and red pen, EDITING has started!

books read: 36
currently reading Skinny by Ibi Kaslik


  1. Snooooooooooop!

    I'm not sure why that just issued from my fingertips, but there you are.

    YOU ARE SO LUCKY! You have done so many amazing things! I am desperate to meet and talk with the Vlogbrothers. And the Yeti. I have seen some pictures, and she IS very pretty! I bet she's even prettier in person.

  2. Alright, this is going to be a bit cheesy, but I feel it needs saying:

    You shouldn't wish that you could have a do-over from age 15. I'm not saying that I've never felt the same way, because I have. But just think about it: If anything about your life changed you could be a completely different person than you are today, and you seem like a pretty awesome person. Also, you wouldn't have been able to do all that cool stuff like meet the vlogbrothers and their wives. You might not even be a nerdfighter! *gasp* I know, horrifying thought, right?

    Anyway, I just figured and I should throw my thoughts out there on that. Remember, things might seem sucky now, but they will get better.

    Just curious, did the broken ankle thing have a lot to do with things taking such a sucky turn?

  3. @RuthEDay Before I broke my ankle, I was a fairly decent Volleyball player was a shot at playing in college if I kept working. When I stopped being able to play Vball, I feel into a giant horrible whole of sadness. The ankle was part of it, but not all of it. So the answer to that question is kind of.