Thursday, August 5, 2010

Less angst, I'm getting too old for this shit.

Firstly, thanks for the nice comments on yesterday's post. Sorry to get all angst-y and complain-y and annoying, but sometimes, I need an outlet. This is why normal people have best friends.

Maggie asked to be facebook friends in the comments yesterday, and I accept. I would love to be facebook friends with you, thanks :) I've really enjoyed reading all the other BEDA blogs out there. It makes me feel like I'm a part of something, and recently, well, for a long time, I haven't felt like I belonged anywhere.

Anyways, I was asked on Tuesday's post by Nick who my favorite youtuber was and why. This makes me want to tell the story of how I got into youtube. I feel that it's a story very similar to almost everyone else's story, but I'm telling it anyway.

One September day in 2008, my friend Jen sent me a youtube link in an AIM message saying: You love Harry Potter, you'll love this. I spent the next 4 days watching every single VlogBrother video up to that point. From John and Hank started to watch the 5 awesome Girls and Guys and officially became a part of Nerdfighteria. Through watching both 5AG's I started watching videos by people they recommended and found the person that I have to say makes my favorite videos. That person is JustMargaret. I LOVE her. She's funny and nerdy and reminds me of someone that I would be friends with in real life. So if I had to pick a favorite person on the Tubes, it's Margaret.

In completely unrelated news, Emma Watson, who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, cut all her hair off, and apparently, its a HUGE deal on Tumblr.

Everyone else in the HP cast is changing their hair, but OMG the girl did it, life has ended. For the record, I think it looks nice Emma. Some girls can't pull off short hair, and I think she does it wonderfully. It's a big change from Hermione, which, honestly is the best thing she can do right now.

And the fact that Joey Richter, who plays Ron in the Musical, looks like Chip Skylark from the Fairly Odd Parents and MAY be putting together a Youtube Video in which he sings "My Shiny Teeth and Me." I will keep you all updated on that awesome piece of news, because, frankly, I'm far too excited about it.

This is Chip Skylark, in case you didn't know.


Today is awesome because of you guys reading this blog. It felt nice to have people I don't know say "Hey it's going to be okay, chin up." I makes me feel like a person again. Thank you guys, really

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  1. HA! I loved the Fairly Oddparents! I really liked the "Icky Vicky" song. 'Twas my favorite.

    I've recently heard much about JustMargaret. I spose I must subscribe now. We share a namesake any way, so she's bound to be alright with me. ;)

  2. "My Shiny Teeth and Me". What a classic.