Monday, August 9, 2010

Jobs!?! and I have weird friend

I had a job interview today! It was at Walmart, but still JOB! I basically have it, but they have to check my references and awesomely enough both of my former bosses are on vacation this week... So possibly by this time next week, I might have a job!! Unless Adam is a totally douche canoe, which is oddly likely but still #yes

Did I just hash tag my blog? Yes, yes I did.

My dad also believes that Neville will come home. I'm interested to see how he reacts to have three cats if this happens, especially considering that Spencer hisses at everything, Indy is mentally unstable and Neville will eat anything that moves.

I got questions in the comments, this is also a reminder to ask me questions, so that I don't bore you to death with my boringly boring life.

My friend, asked me which I preferred, Tumbr or Blogger. This is an unfair question. There is no comparing. Yes, there are both blogging websites, but I see Tumblr more like a twitter with more Harry Potter, and by Harry Potter, I mean StarKid, and by StarKid, I believe Jen will know what I mean.

OH! Speaking of Tumblr, I saw the most amazing thing, which probably no one else will find funny. There is a video that's a behind the scenes StarKid scene and there's a .gif of Joe Walker eating Ice Cream and a comment from the video labeled "BEST youtube video comment ever: Is there any reason one of the kids is eating ice cream with a fork?" /things only I find hilarious.

Anyways, I like blogger for writing. I prefer it for writing. Tumblr is for short things, I tend to be long winded even when I'm not talking about anything, which I'm sure ya'll have noticed. I'm not, like, good at making things, but I like seeing things that other people have made. I enjoy reblogging them and giggling at things until iced tea squirts out my nose and I have to explain to my Dad what just happened. My Dad finds youtube comments unfunny

Also JenJen, I FOUND that Kevin is a Hufflepuff.

There is literally no way to end this blog entry in a way that makes any logical sense. So...

Today is awesome because JOB! #notasentence

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