Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So I have some dilemmas, the first is kind of an academic one. Mostly by the 30th of April I have to have a 140 page novel written, of which I've written 77 pages. So yea, I'm mostly stuck on where to go from the point that I'm at.
The book is mildly based on my emotional feelings, and at this point in the story, my main character has sort of passed my current emotional feelings, so I don't really know where to go next. It's hard to explain without giving away major moments of the book, and since I want to, like, do something with it eventually, I feel giving away major plot points may be a bad idea.

Secondly, is phone calls. My friend Jen, who currently is the only subscriber to this blog, keeps calling me to talk about important things. I as a friend, want to talk to her about these important things, because she did the same thing for me, however, I'm always hanging out with my friends, or at wal-mart,or a very special episode of House is on (I thought it was a repeat this week, but it wasn't. It was an important episode as far as television show episodes go), or sleeping when she calls and I feel bad because I can't have a regular conversation about what's going on. And I feel bad, and like a bad friend.
I mean I'm not trying to be a bad friend, I want to be there, but it's like I also feel bad saying no to my other friends that also want me around, and to convince them that washing your hair with bar soap isn't good. But I also need to be there for Jen in her time of need. And I'm kind of being a jerk to her, and I don't want to be. :( I is sorry Jen. I will call you later.

I've never been in the position where I have more that like 3 friends at a time, so friend time management isn't a skill I possess. When I had 3 friends we all hung out together, and only really hung out when we were at school or volleyball. Now I'm 22 and most of my friend live in the same building as me. And trying to make it so that I don't upset people by making plans with everyone when one friend really needs me and I don't want to be a jerk to my other friends that I'm physically hanging out with by talking to my other friend on the phone. And they get mad when they know I'm just sitting alone in my room doing nothing. But I'm normally not doing nothing because I have to write 70 pages in the next month!!! If I wasn't so damn weird in high school...

Thirdly, I really want a kitten, but the people I will be living with next year, are allergic to cats.

In an unrelated area... why do boys think its okay to wash their hair with bar soap? Seriously?
Why doesn't it occur to them that it's a bad idea? What do they think shampoo is for?

And that is the end of the story

Today is awesome because: I used body wash that smells like fruit loops today :)


  1. i <3 you

    and you are not a bad friend. I had bad friends... but then I moved in with you. I'll be okay. I promise :)

  2. Boys with little hair can get away with the bar soap trick, if they have long locks they need the 'poo.

    I've started reading your novel on the website thingy, I like it!

  3. @mrs.madgenius, this boy has mediumish hair. It took an hour in the shampoo isle of wal mart to convince him shampoo was made for a reason...

    and thank for reading my novel :) and my blog :) <3