Sunday, April 5, 2009

I pushed a car today

Firstly, I saw Monsters v. Aliens with Georgie and Dave yesterday. It was awesome. An animated awesome with Seth Rogan and awesome. Go see it.

I lied about that other day that I said was the best day of vacation being the best day of vacation.

Because today, the last day of vacation that consisted mostly of driving and moving things up 2 flights of stairs was the best day of vacation.

Mostly because I, with help from a boy that weighs about 16lbs and talks constantly about Pokemon and a leprechaun (I can say this about them because they are my friends), pushed a car across a parking lot. I got to work my overweight, out-of-shape car pushing muscles in flip flops while the jocks laughed at us.

Pushing a jeep across the Bartlett Hall lobby is about 95% awesomer than painting cardboard boxes in the rain in a shed filled with things that look like they could seriously harm me if I bumped into them.

Why was this the best day of vacation?

Because I got to hang out with my friends, and there was stuffing for dinner!!!

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