Monday, April 13, 2009

I know, I know...

I didn't blog yesterday. I have excusses though!

1. It was Easter
2. I was really tired when I got back to campus and fell asleep when I got here.

I will blog two in one day soon, I promise I will have 30 blogs for the 30 days in April... Unless this April turns into last November when I made that promise about vlogging... **crosses fingers praying that won't happen because that would SUCK!**

I just got finished painting 10 boxes grey. I know what you're thinking, how many boxes are there in this play?
answer: A LOT!

Don't worry I'll take a picture eventually, or maybe Jen will be cool enough to come see the play and video some of it and let me post in on my channel? I would love you forever, as in I will become a vampire and live forever so I can love you FOREVER! (part of that is a lie)

Easter wasn't too eventful, but It was fun. My family is weird. Noelles liked it though.

Well I must de-paint myself. I am a messy messy painter.

And that is the end of the story

Today is awesome because we're almost done painting!

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