Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is a fake blog

I realized that I speak in a weird code when I'm blogging, and I feel that since more than one person is now **hopefully** reading this, that I should maybe explain the code.

This code is mainly dealing with my friends and their names. I don't really like says "Kimmy and I did this today.." because maybe Kimmy doesn't want her life all over the Internet. So I have come up with a mildly complex system of talking about my friends without saying there names, below is a code decoder:

George/ Georgie: My best friend/twin brother/editor (she's awesome)

JenJen: is Jen. she has a blog it's here:

video game boys (lower case): the group of boys that I hang out with on a regular basis, they play video games, like a lot

Video Game Boy (capitalized) the one video game boy that I hang out with more often than the other ones and started calling him that before I named the group

Video Game Boy's Girlfriend: I think this one is self explanatory

The Lorax: a girl in our play that is also in our group of friends

The Lorax's boyfriend: again self explanatory

Keith: is really a girl, we just call her that

OR: Keith's boyfriend

The mustached one: one of the video game boys

The Nurse: the mustached one's girlfriend.

Thursday: is Thursday in our collab channel on youtube

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  1. I love how my name is not sekrit at all... <3

    Also, just to be fair, I have many names for Deanna. She often gets called Dan, Dina (in my phone she's Dima 'cause we were drinking when i typed it.. and ya...), Fred (well, only George calls her that).. ya I think that's it. <3!!