Thursday, April 2, 2009

goal for April: figure out how to put pictures in my blogs

Welcome to day to of BEDA!

I haven't made a video on my personal channel on youtube in like 2 months, so I think I'm going to do that tomorrow. Mostly telling people that I'm doing this, that seems like a plausible idea. ( if you're interested)

Yesterday I found 2 Hillary Duff CD's in my desk. This is mostly awesome, because now, way after her prime, it's a lot cooler to own them, like owning Hanson's Middle Of Nowhere album now, whereas it was not cool to own it in 1997.

I also found a photo I took my senior year of high school the day that the sprinklers didn't work so we got to go home early. It's pretty epic, five people sitting on skateboards going down a hill, three of which I don't talk to anymore. I feel the more pictures like this I find, the closer I'll get to the one I'm actually looking for. Which I'm in so I definitely didn't take, considering I was in fourth grade at the time.

I really want to find this picture, I think it will help me with writing my novel. Not that it like has magical powers or anything, just that I think having it in my hands will bring back the crazy emotions I really need to get through this part of my book. I'm pretty sure I'm stuck right now mostly because I'm not at my school desk where I normally work. There I have all the evidence I need staring me in the face. Maybe I'll head up the street tomorrow, since the snows all melted. Maybe going to the site of the accident will bring back enough to get me over this hump I'm stuck in.

Not that I want to go up there. I would rather spend my life completely avoiding the top half of this road for the rest of my life. My novel isn't even really about what happened in December. I started writing it way before then, I just think it makes it that much more real in my mind that I have that kind of experience to lean on.

Hopefully that makes at least a little bit of sense to someone randomly reading this that doesn't know what happened...

Well, I need to go find some clean socks and head off to work. Oh what fun.

Happy writing Beda-ers

And that is the end of the story

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