Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy thoughts

It's Tuesday, and I usually wait until after idol to blog on Tuesdays, but I feel that this week there won't be anything exciting happening on there. Except how AWESOMELY Adam mixes up a disco song. So I can save that til tomorrow.

What I want to talk about today is compliments.
I don't get them that often, except the "You're really weird, I like it" one, which is nice, I like being noticed for my weird-ness.

But today, I got a real complement. I tend to think that I'm a moderately okay writer, which everyone I know disagrees with and says that I'm a great writer, and they like my stuff a lot more than I do. But someone that isn't really my friend, just a classmate, wrote haiku's for the rest of the class today.

this was mine:
It says "I'm a good writer - my details with reach new heights- the world will know me
I almost cried. I mean, I've had a whole bunch of classes with this girl, and were, like, kind of friends but not really. Enough to say "hi" in the hallway type of thing. And she wrote that about me.
I guess the excitement about having people say nice things about you means less when you people do it all the time, but when you're like me, kind of lame and REALLY weird, the "hey you're awesome" doesn't come around too often.
It was just really great to have someone that wasn't one of my best friends say it.
Yesterday was the big leadership award dessert thing, and Video Game Boy won the biggest award for Juniors. He was so excited and happy. He does have a big impact on our campus and was way more than deserving of it. YAY VGB!!
And that is the end of the story
Today is awesome because I get to be a bridesmaid at The Nurse's and the Mustached one's wedding!!!

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