Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blogging for REALZ!

So today, The mustached one, and The mustached one's girl friend, because The mustached one and the mustached one's fiancee!!!

No one is really surprised about this, but it's still exciting, and I'm supposed to live with them next semester, so that should be exciting. I'm excited anyway, I'm pretty sure she is too.

Besides that, it's been a day of play stuff, getting the props put together and such, we realized we have to paint more boxes... YAY painting.

I took Video Game Boy and his GF to wal mart, which surprisingly was simpler than most times I gone to the retail giant. VGB is the kind of kid that wonders, a lot. And also spends two hours smelling soap, then buying girl soap, and then three days later trading with me for boy soap. (Basically he ended up buying me soap.) But he's fun.

The Lorax's boyfriend, broke VBG's roommates scissors trying to cut a piece of wood.

Yes, that is a true story.

I'm still avoiding some of my friends, but I only really have an issue with one of them, and he needs to not send people to fight his battles for him. He also needs to apologize for being a dick.

And that is the end of the story

To day is awesome because Post-Its are on sale for a dollar a piece at Walmart, that, and two of my best friends are getting married!!%!%!!$!@!#


  1. taking jm to WalMart is always an adventure. I remember once he left us to use the bathroom, and we had someone watch the door so when he came out we wouldn't lose him. They didn't watch very well... we lost him anyway

  2. @JenJen212 VGB went to buy deorderant at hannahford, and his gf was returning a movie and I went to buy ice cream. It could have ended badly, but the GF knows how to keep him in sight, she works with childern a lot. :)