Friday, April 3, 2009

Today was maybe the most exciting day of spring break

Today, it rained. Like a lot. And I'm not a big fan of rain, but I got a call from Tabby asking me to go the mall with her, so I drove there. And I malled with Adam and Tabby, then went to The Holy Grail with them and Brittany.

And once again managed to do nothing that I was supposed to, except buy paint. Now tomorrow, I have to paint 15 boxes white, and go to the movies (because I already bought tickets) and meet up with Brit at 4ish. AND write my blog on blogs. Oh my life.

This wouldn't be such a sour deal if I like, you know, planned things further in advance, like more that 15 seconds.


Two days ago at work I had a ten minute break, I was hungry and I had to pee. I decided that food was more important than the possibility of wetting myself, so i bought starbursts and ate them outside. I totally could have eaten the starburst on the way or even in the bathroom. But no. I then clocked back in an less than a minute later really really had to pee, like bad.
I know this is kind of a ridiculous story, but it's just so you, as my reader, understand how badly I manage time.

What else is going on in my life...
I need to clean my room. I also I bought the two Harry Potter books I didn't own, the one about wild creatures and Quiddich. I'm excited about them.

I also still have to make my "I'm doing BEDA" vlog. I'll do that on Sunday when I have better lighting, or maybe before I head back up to school.

I still have so much to accomplish and only two days to do it. Where did my Spring Break go??

And that is the end of the story

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