Monday, April 6, 2009

I was boob grazed

I'm the President of my school's drama club.

This being said, you know can clearly picture most of my friends: drama nerds, video game boys, and the like.

We're putting on a performance of the Dr. Suess classic "The Lorax" on the 25th, and we started painting the sets today. John Mike (of the Video Game Boy variety of friend, also the kid who's car I pushed) is playing the Oncler, so we had to build him into a Oncler shack made of cardboard boxes.

John Mike is quite a bit taller that me, so while completely in cased in boxes with only arm holes, he pushed out and basically punched me in the boob. He was the only boy painting so he got super embarrassed and the four girls started laughing.

There was really no point to that story, but I felt the need to tell it because it was funny.

What else happened in my life???

I got really drunk yesterday, and ate a huge container of strawberries. That was fun.

Example of how big nerds my friends and I are. We call drinking "going to hogsmead" because it sounds cooler.

I hearts my friends.

Today is awesome because there was stuffing at dinner again today! And I got to paint a Truffula tree. :)

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