Sunday, April 19, 2009

I wonder if anyone else feels like this?

I feel like I'm wasting perfectly good days.

I mean I was never the run around outside and be happy about it person (Just take the 50lbs I've added since I stopped playing volleyball my junior year of high school). I mean, I like outside, its a nice place, but I'm not a hike in the woods, go play catch with friends, lets hang out at the beach type of girl.

And today it's super nice out, like fifty degrees, and slightly windy, but its April in Maine, it's not snowing and I can have my window open without freezing to death, it's nice out.

But I'm kinda worried that my outside exposure is doing to meals, and class. And I only have class two days a week, and I don't really have to eat every meal. (but then if I skip a meal, I find my self eating TGIFriday's microwavable mozzarella sticks and starbursts at midnight.)

Today my computer, whom I refer to as Ethan, decided he wasn't going to work today, so I had to de-fragment him, which is five hours I could be doing something that isn't looking out the window of my room, watching people have fun. I could, you know, take part in said fun. But instead, for fear of running into the friend that told me to "go away" before the surprise party on Thursday, I stayed in my room. I just don't want to start a fight. Which probably wouldn't be my fault, but still I don't want to cause a bigger riff in our group and make people pick sides. Mostly because I doubt too many, if any of my friends would pick my side because I walked away, and have been the one avoiding the situation entirely.

Normally, I would consider finishing a book in a day an accomplishment, but it's just so nice out that I feel lazy.

I mean, I am lazy, but I don't like thinking that I'm lazy.

I went to dinner early, because I was hungry because I went to Brunch early. But my friends came early too, so I found myself eating incredibly fast so I could take off before anyone else sat down. I know I'm being kind of a dick in this situation, but I don't want to lose my friends, or cause a big uproar on a celebratory weekend, with the engagement and all.

This blog was supposed be about how I should spend more time outside, but it seems to be more about how I'm avoiding my friends... That wasn't my plan...

It's not like I'm deathly afraid of getting skin cancer or anything, it's just that I don't do outdoor activities, and I'm friends with people that spend a good majority of their time playing video games, but I still kind of want to talk a nice walk in the woods, or just spend a day outside having fun. I just don't really have anyone to do this with.

Maybe when the Sassy Ladies come to visit for my play this weekend, we'll play tag or something for hours. I feel that would be fun. I'd enjoy that...

And that is the end of the story

Today is awesome because there were some really cute looking boys working out in the athletic center, and from my window, I have the perfect creeper vantage point. (Oh God, did I really just say that?)

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